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Master of Arts in Economics (Co-operative Option) (Non-Thesis) (TB)

Non-Thesis Program
The non-thesis program consists of:
(a) eight half courses which must include Economics 5111, 5113, 5115, 5117, 5118, 5119 and two other half courses at the fourth and fifth year level, no more than two of which may be at the fourth year level; courses at the fourth year level to be subject to the approval of the Department of Economics;
(b) Economics 5801 - an extended research paper - selected in consultation with the Department.


NOTE: Students who have taken ECON 4217 in their undergradaute program will not be allowed to tale ECON 5115 and will select a different course in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator.

The MA Co-operative Option
The purpose of the co-op option is to provide students with an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom and to obtain new insights and educational experience. Two four-month work terms, Economics 5990 and 5992, (which may be taken consecutively) follow the first two terms of study. To proceed to the co-op option, students must complete at least six half courses chosen from those required for the thesis and non-thesis options. The departmental recommendation for the work terms will be based on academic performance and an interview with the Selection Committee consisting of representatives of the department and the Student Placement and Co-operative Education Centre (see University Community/Facilities and Services). In consultation with the department, the Co-operative Education Centre will make every effort to obtain suitable placements. Upon completion of the work terms, students will return to complete the remainder of their program.