Thunder Bay • Orillia

Environmental Studies Graduate Program Information

Master of Environmental Studies
Graduate Co-ordinator M. Dowsley
Core Master's  
  M. Beaulieu (History)
  M.J. Boyd (Anthropology)
  A. Cornwell (Geography and the Environment)
  M. Dowsley (Anthropology/Geography and the Environment)
  J.S. Hamilton (Anthropology)
  M.E. Johnston (Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism)
  R. Koster (Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism)
  H. Lemelin (Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism)
  C. Levkoe (Adjunct to Geography)
  C. Nelson (Social Work)
  F. Pendea (Sustainability Sciences/Geography and the Environment) - Orillia campus
  T.A. Randall (Geography and the Environment)
  R.S. Robson (Indigenous Learning)
  G. Ross (Adjunct to Anthropology)
  R. Stewart (Geography and the Environment)
  M. Tocheri (Anthropology)
  R. Turvey (Sustainability Sciences/Geography and the Environmental) - Orillia campus
  T. Varney (Anthropology)
  C. Wesley-Esquimax (Adjunct to Anthropology)
  K. Zaniewski (Geography and the Environment) 
Non-Core Membership   
  S. Burke (Adjunct to Anthropology)
  L. Galway (Adjunct to Geography and the Environment)
  C. George (Adjunct to Geography and the Environment)
  T. Gibson (Adjunct to Anthropology)
  N. Gupta (Adjunct to Anthropology)
  G. Hudson (Adjunct to Anthropology)
  I. Lemee (Adjunct to Anthropology)
  F. Oliveira (Anthropology)
  M. Taylor (Adjunct to Geography and the Environment)
  D. Yahn (Professional Associate to Anthropology)


Lakehead University offers a Master of Environmental Studies degree as an interdisciplinary area of study that has its roots in both the sciences and social sciences such as anthropology, environmental studies and environmental science, human and physical geography, history, leisure studies, psychology and sociology. The program is designed to train graduates to investigate, understand and appreciate issues from a multidisciplinary perspective, providing students with the skills to meet the challenges of human-environment interactions and issues faced by communities, industries, governments and services.  The research focus of the program requires designing and conducting research that will result in a final thesis for external defense

The following Environmental Studies Graduate program offerings are available:
Each program is marked with a TB, O or W designation to distinguish where each program is available.
(TB = Thunder Bay campus, O = Orillia campus, W = online)

Master of Environmental Studies (TB)