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Geology Graduate Program Information

Dean of the Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies T. Randall
Chair of the Department of Geology P. Hollings
Graduate Co-ordinator S. Zurevinski
Core Master's  
  M. Boyd (Anthropology)
  A.G. Conly (Geology)
  P.W. Fralick (Geology)
  M.L. Hill (Geology)
  P. Hollings (Geology)
  S.A. Kissin (Geology Emeritus)
  J. Miller (Adjunct to Geology)
  R.H. Mitchell (Geology Emeritus)
  S. Zurevinski (Geology)
Non-Core Membership  
  T.C. McCuaig (Adjunct to Geology)



Studies leading to the degree of Master of Science in Geology normally emphasize the fields of Petrochemistry and Tectonophysics. Petrochemistry is deemed to include: Field and laboratory studies of ore deposits, igneous, metamorphic and lithified sedimentary rocks. Tectonophysics is deemed to include: Field and laboratory studies of structural geology, rock magnetism and basin analysis.

The following Geology Graduate program offerings are available:
Each program is marked with a TB, O or W designation to distinguish where each program is available.
(TB = Thunder Bay campus, O = Orillia campus, W = online)

Master of Science in Geology (TB)