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Certificate in French Proficiency for Non-French Majors - Basic (TB)

The Department of Languages offers the Certificate of French Proficiency at three levels: 1. Basic Oral and Written Proficiency, 2. Intermediate Oral and Written Proficiency, and 3. Advanced Proficiency. The requirements for the Basic Oral and Written Proficiency level are:

This certificate is open to new and current Lakehead University Students.  Students may register in the certificate only.  Applicants must meet Lakehead University's general admission requirements.  Students must have Grade 12 U English or equivalent before beginning the program.

In order for a certificate to be granted a student must:
(a) be registered in the certificate prior to the completion of 50% of the course requirements for the course of study;
(b) successfully complete all three FCEs with a minimum overall average of 70%;
(c) successfully complete a standard Proficiency Examination upon successful completion of the three FCEs, and achieve a score corresponding to the level he/she is applying for; and,
(d) take all courses required for the Certificate from Lakehead University.

Students can only be enrolled in one level (Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced) at a time.  The Certificate cannot be combined with a Minor or a Major in French.

Only one Certificate of French Proficiency will be granted. Students who complete additional levels (i.e. Intermediate, Advanced) will have that noted on their transcript.

Introduction to basic written and spoken French through the learning of simple vocabulary, comprehension and expression of daily situations.  Upon successful completion of the courses, students will reach level A2 of CEFR*, "Basic User / Elementary: can understand sentences and frequently used expressions."

French 0500 and French 1000
French 1200 or French 1204.
There are no prerequisite courses.

*Common European Framework of Reference for Languages