Thunder Bay • Orillia

Honours Bachelor of Arts (Sociology and Women's Studies Majors) (TB)

Four Year program

First Year:
(a) Sociology 1100
(b) Women's Studies 1100
(c) One FCE from Type A courses
(d) One FCE from Type B courses (or from Type A courses if Women's Studies 1100 is counted as Type B)
(e) One FCE elective

Second Year:
(a) Sociology 2111 and 2911
(b) One FCE  in Women’s Studies Core Courses at the second year level
(c) One FCE in Sociology
(d) One FCE in Women's Studies Group 1 courses
(e) One FCE elective

Third Year:
(a) Sociology 3312, 3311, 3410, 3411
(b) Women’s Studies 3030
(c) One and one-half FCEs in Women's Studies Core courses
(d) One FCE elective

Fourth Year:
(a) Sociology 4313
(b) Either Sociology 4411 or Sociology 4033
(c) Women's Studies 4010
(d) Sociology 4305: Honours Thesis Seminar
(e) One half-course in Sociology at the fourth year level
(f) One half-course in Women's Studies Core Courses at the fourth year level
(g) One FCE in Women's Studies from Group 1 courses at the third or fourth year level
(h) One half FCE in either Sociology at the third or fourth year level or in Women's Studies selected from either Group 1 or Group 2 courses at the third or fourth year level.

Note: The Indigenous Content Requirement is met by taking 0.5 FCE chosen from the list of Type E courses. We prefer that you take either Women's Studies 2119, Sociology 2755, Sociology 3818, or another Type E course as an elective if none of the preferred courses are offered.

Note: Students cannot count more than 7 FCEs of first year courses toward the degree, and cannot take a first year course in the final year of the program.