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Honours Bachelor of Arts (History Major)/Bachelor of Education P/J (Five Year Accelerated Program) (TB)

Five Year Accelerated Program

A student who wishes to complete their Concurrent program in five years will need to take courses in the Spring/Summer as outlined below. In order to accelerate their program, a student should consult the Chair of the Department of History in their first year demonstrating an overall 70% average has been attained in the History courses taken up to that time.

Prior to Entry into the 2-Year Professional Program

In Concurrent Education programs at the Primary/Junior level, students must meet and complete requirements of the partnering Honours degree program, including all Pre-Professional Program Education requirements. (See Concurrent Degree Programs Information for Education requirements). 

Note: The Indigenous Content Requirement is met by the inclusion of 0.5 FCE chosen from the list of Type E courses.

Note: Students who wish to accelerate their program will need to use the following pathway, in consultation with the Chair of the Department of History.

First Year:
(a) History 1100
(b) One FCE English, French or Indigenous Language
(c) One and one-half FCEs from Type B courses
(d) One FCE elective in Science (General Science 1000 recommended)
(e) Education 1050

(a) Education 2050
(b) One FCE electives (History excluded)

Second Year:
(a) Three FCEs in History at the second year level
(b) One FCE electives (History excluded)
(c) One half-FCE from Type E courses
(d) One half-FCE in Music or Visual Arts

(a) One half-FCE Education elective
(b) One and one-half FCE electives

Third Year:
(a) Up to three FCEs in History at the third year level (see note below)
(b) Up to three FCEs in History at the fourth year level (see note below)


(a) One-half FCE elective (History excluded)
(b) One FCE in History at third or fourth year level (see note below)

NOTE: Students must complete three FCEs in History at both the third and fourth year level in their third year, including the Spring/Summer term.

Fourth and Fifth Years (2-Year Professional Program):
Concurrent Education (Primary/Junior) requirements