Thunder Bay • Orillia

Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology/Bachelor of Education I/S (TB)

Six Year program
Students must take all required Kinesiology courses totaling 11 full course equivalents plus three required FCEs from the Biology, English, and Chemistry departments. One and one-half FCEs are required in Education courses prior to entry into the Professional Program. Elective courses may then be chosen from within the school or outside of the school depending upon the student's career objectives. A total of 22 FCEs plus Kinesiology 4193 are required for graduation. Also to graduate, students must have minimum of B (70%) cumulative average in all Kinesiology courses included in the 22 FCEs counted towards the degree and a minimum of 65% cumulative overall average.

Prior to Entry into the 2-Year Professional Program
In Concurrent Education programs at the Intermediate/Senior level, students must meet and complete requirements of the partnering Honours degree program including all Pre-Professional Program Education requirements. (See Concurrent Degree Programs Information for Education requirements)

Students must choose two teachable subjects, the first of which is Health and Physical Education for students in the Honours Kinesiology degree program. See Department of Undergraduate Studies in Education, Levels and Teachables.

First Year:
(a) Kinesiology 1010, 1035, 1113, 1710, 1711
(b) Chemistry 1210
(c) English 1116
(d) One-half FCE in English (one of English 1015, 1016, 1115, 1117, 1118)
(e) One and one-half FCE electives
(f) Education 1050

Note: The Indigenous Content Requirement is being met by the inclusion of English 1116, a Type E course, in the first year of the program.

Second Year:
(a) Kinesiology 2015, 2035, 2059, 2079, 2711
(b) Biology 2011, 2012, 2030
(c) One-half FCE elective
(d) Education 2050

Third Year:
(a) Kinesiology 3010, 3030, 3070, 3134, 3230, 3610, 3710, 3711
(b) One and one-half FCE electives
(c) One-half FCE Education elective (see Electives in the Department of Undergraduate Studies in Education Courses list)
Note: Concurrent Education students should check the timetable for Pre-Professional Program course offerings.

Fourth Year:
(a) Kinesiology 4113, 4310, 4710
(b) Kinesiology 4193 (non-credit required course)
(c) Kinesiology 4230 and three FCE electives, or Kinesiology 4220 and two and one-half FCE electives

Kinesiology students must receive permission of the Director in order to change the sequencing of required courses. Non-Kinesiology students must receive permission from the Director to take Kinesiology courses.

Fifth and Sixth Years (2-Year Professional Program):
Concurrent Education (Intermediate/Senior) requirements