Thunder Bay • Orillia

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology Major) (TB)

Three Year program

This degree program requires an overall 60% average in Psychology courses. Should this not be attained, students must consult with the Chair of the Department of Psychology.

First Year:
(a) Psychology 1100
(b) Two FCEs from Type A courses
(c) One FCE from Type B courses
(d) One FCE electives. A first year Type C or D course is recommended

Second Year:
(a) Psychology 2110
(b) Psychology 2013
(c) Psychology 2014
(d) Psychology 2015
(e) Psychology 2011 OR Psychology 2016
(f) One-half FCE Type E course
(g) One and one-half FCE open electives
(h) One-half FCE non-psychology elective, second year level or higher

Third Year:
(a) Choose one of: Psychology 3114, Psychology 3013, Psychology 3014, Psychology 3019
(b) Psychology 3016 OR Psychology 3017
(c) Two FCEs Psychology (1.5 FCEs must be at the third or fourth year level)
(d) One FCE open electives, second year level or higher
(e) One FCE non-psychology electives, second year level or higher

Note: The Indigenous Content Requirement is met by the inclusion of one-half FCE chosen from the list of Type E courses.