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Economics Programs Information

Economics is the study of resource allocation and examines how the economy operates to provide us with the things we want. In a world of scarce resources, choices have to be made and economics studies how those choices are made. Economics is very important and yet in public affairs economic decisions are sometimes made without an understanding of basic economic principles.

As the famous Nobel prize winner Robert M. Solow remarked, "Why does public discussion of economic policy so often show the abysmal ignorance of the participants? Why do I so often want to cry at what public figures, the press, and television commentators say about economic affairs?"

The student who is interested in looking at the long term effects of economic policy on the community and is interested in combining this with some solid analytical and empirical tools, will find the study of economics exciting and intellectually stimulating as well as useful for a rewarding career.

The Department of Economics offers undergraduate programs in Economics, including a number of double major programs and a minor in Economics, as well as graduate programs. The Department also offers an undergraduate degree in Resource and Environmental Economics.

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The following Economics program offerings are available:
Each program is marked with a TB, O or W designation to distinguish where each program is available.
(TB = Thunder Bay campus, O = Orillia campus, W = online)

Bachelor of Arts (Economics Major)(TB)
Bachelor of Arts (Mathematics and Economics Majors)(TB)
Bachelor of Arts (Economics and Political Science Majors)(TB)
Honours Bachelor of Arts (Economics Major)(TB)
Honours Bachelor of Arts (Economics and Political Science Majors)(TB)
Honours Bachelor of Science (Resource and Environmental Economics Major) (TB)
Minor in Economics (TB)