Thunder Bay • Orillia

Minor in Environmental Science(TB)(O)

A minor in Environmental Science will consist of a minimum overall average of 60% in four (4) FCEs different from and in addition to the courses in the student's major; however, only courses outside the major can be counted towards a minor. A Minor in Environmental Science will include:

(a) Environmental Studies 1150/Geography 1150 or Environmental Studies 1170/Geography 1170 and Environmental Studies 1190/Geography 1190
(b) Environmental Studies 2210/Biology 2210
(c) Two and one-half FCEs in Environmental Studies electives from Type C courses. At least one FCE must be at the third or fourth-year level.
1. Students may qualify for only one of the Minor in Environmental Science or the Minor in Environmental Studies.
2. If Geography 1150, Geography 1170, Geography 1190 or Biology 2210 is also required for the student's major, a substitution must be made from the Environmental Studies electives Type C courses.