Thunder Bay • Orillia

Honours Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Geography Major)(TB)

Four Year program

Note: The Indigenous Content Requirement in the Geography programs will be met by taking Environmental Studies 1190.

First Year:
(a) Environmental Studies 1170 and 1190
(b) One FCE from Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics
(c) One FCE from History, Indigenous Learning, Philosophy
(d) One FCE from Economics, Political Science, Sociology
(e) English 1015 and one-half FCE of English at the first year level

Second Year:
(a) Environmental Studies 2013 and 2210
(b) One FCE Environmental Studies elective
(c) Geography 2232, 2251, 2271, 2331, 2351, 2811

It is recommended that students completing the Certificate Program in Geomatics should take Geography 3253 as a Geography elective (normally in Third Year) and take Geography 2215 as an open elective (in Third Year).

Third Year:
(a) Environmental Studies 3094
(b) One FCE Environmental Studies elective from Type A or B courses
(c) One-half FCE Environmental Studies elective
(d) One and one-half FCEs in Geography at the third year level
(e) One FCE in Geography at the fourth year level
(f) One-half FCE elective

Fourth Year:
(a) Environmental Studies 4810
(b) One FCE in Geography at the third or fourth year level
(c) Two FCEs in Geography at the fourth year level
(d) One and one-half FCE electives

Four-year Non-Direct Entry program option

Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Geography Major) 4-year

This program options is for Honours students that are academically ineligible to continue in or complete the Honours program.

The program requirements are the same as the HBES (Geography Major) program. However, in order to remain in the program, students must maintain at least an overall 60% average in the major.