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Certificate in Geomatics (TB)

Students, in any program, may complete five specific courses in geographical information systems, photogrammetry and aerial photo interpretation, cartography, remote sensing, and spatial analysis to earn the Certificate in Geomatics. This focus provides students an understanding of geospatial technologies, how the world is being managed and modeled by such technologies, and the associated impacts on decision making.  All required courses include practical sessions collecting, processing, analyzing, and publishing geospatial information.

 Open to students currently enrolled in any Lakehead University program.

Students must maintain an overall average of 70% in the required courses to be awarded the Certificate in Geomatics.

Required Courses: 
Geography 2232 - Introduction to Geomatics and GIS
Geography 2215Earth Observation & Analysis
Geography 3253 - Cartography
Geography 4211 - Advanced GIS & Spatial Analysis
Geography 4231 - Remote Sensing