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Program Regulations

Department of Geography Regulations

See the University Regulations section and the Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies Regulations section of this Calendar for conditions to enter, proceed in, and graduate from these programs.

A. The three-year BA or BSc degree requires a total of fifteen courses, at least five of which must be in Geography. The four-year Honours BA or BSc degree requires a total of twenty courses, at least ten of which must be in Geography. In each program certain Geography courses and certain electives are specified as mandatory. The double major programs have their own particular requirements as listed.
B. The BA or BSc degrees, including double majors require a grade of at least 50% in all courses, and an average of at least 60% in Geography courses.
C. The Honours BA or BSc degrees require an overall average of at least 70% for all Geography courses taken, and a grade of at least 50% in all other courses.
D. Each program in Geography is designed so that one year is preparation for the next. Students are therefore advised to give careful consideration to the planning of their programs to ensure orderly progress.
E. Students who already have credit for Geography 1100 will be allowed to count this in place of Geography 1120 for all program requirements and course prerequisites except for the BA (Geography Major/Honours Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation; the HBESc and HBES (Geography Major) and Geography 2811.

There is no laboratory nor field-work fee in any Geography program, but in some courses students will be expected to contribute to the cost of field travel and the use of field equipment. Students in the Honours program who choose to take Geography 4011/4013 will be expected to bear the costs of any field research required.