Thunder Bay • Orillia

Honours Bachelor of Science (Mathematical Physics Major) (TB)

Four Year program
An average of 70% must be maintained in core courses; defined as all Physics courses as well as the three Mathematics courses stated above.

First Year:
(a) Physics 1211 and 1212
(b) Mathematics 1171 and 1172
(c) Chemistry 1110, 1130
(d) One FCE elective
(e) One-half FCE from Type E course list
(f) Computer Science 0411 or 1411

Second Year:
(a) Physics 2111, 2151, 2211, 2311, 2331 and 2332
(b) Mathematics 2111 and 2131
(d) Mathematics 2255 and 2275

Third Year:
(a) Physics 3113, 3211 and 3231
(b) Physics 4113 or 4171
(c) Physics 3371 or 4211
(d) One-half FCE Physics elective at the third or fourth year level
(e) Mathematics 3131, 3133 and 3171
(f) One-half FCE elective

Fourth Year:
(a) Physics 4115
(b) Physics 4113 or 4171 (the one not previously taken)
(c) Physics 3371 or 4211 (the one not previously taken)
(d) One-half FCE Physics elective at the third or fourth year level
(e) Three FCE electives

Note: The Indigenous Content Requirement is being met by the inclusion of 0.5 FCE chosen from the list of Type E courses taken as an elective in the 1st year of the program.

Four-year Non-Direct Entry program option

Bachelor of Science (Mathematical Physics Major) 4-year

This program option is for Honours students that are academically ineligible to continue in or complete the Honours program.

The program requirements are the same as for the HBSc (Mathematical Physics Major) program; however, students shall not take the honours thesis (Physics 4501) and in order to remain in the program, students must maintain at least an overall C average in the major (defined as all Physics courses and Mathematics 2255, 2275 and 3171).