Thunder Bay • Orillia

Bachelor of Science (Physics Major)/Bachelor of Education P/J (TB)

Five Year program

Prior to Entry into the 2-Year Professional Program
In concurrent Education programs at the Primary/Junior level, students must meet and complete requirements of the partnering Bachelor degree program including all Pre-Professional Program Education requirements. (See Concurrent Degree Programs Information for Education requirements)

First Year:
(a) Physics 1211 and 1212
(b) Mathematics 1171 and 1172
(c) Chemistry 1110 and 1130
(d) One FCE in English, French or Indigenous Language
(e) Computer Science 0411 or 1411
(f) Education 1050

Second Year:
(a) Physics 2111, 2211, 2311, 2331, 2332
(b) Mathematics 2111, 2131
(c) One-half FCE in Music or Visual Arts
(d) Physics 2151 or one-half FCE Science elective
(e) Education 2050

Third Year:
(a) Physics 3113, 3211 and 3231
(b) Physics 2151 or one-half FCE Science elective (the one not previously taken)
(c) One-half FCE in Physics at the third or fourth year level
(d) Mathematics 3131, 3133
(e) One-half FCE elective from the list of Type E courses
(f)  One-half FCE elective
(g) One-half FCE Education elective (see Electives in the Department of Undergraduate Studies in Education Courses list)
Note: Concurrent Education students should check the timetable for Pre-Professional Program course offerings.

Fourth and Fifth Years (2-Year Professional Program):
Concurrent Education (Primary/Junior) requirements

Note: The Indigenous Content Requirement is being met by the inclusion of 0.5 FCE chosen from the list of Type E courses taken as an elective in the 3rd year of the program.