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Leadership, inspiration & innovation

Internationally distinguished scholars and dynamic community leaders use their expertise and commitment to excellence in the delivery of curriculum enhancements that include relevant and challenging teaching models.

* Over 100 different concurrent programs allowing for the acquisition of a BEd degree along with another degree or honours degree in Outdoor Recreation, Kinesiology, or Fine Arts as well as more traditional degrees in History, English, Mathematics, Science, Psychology etc.

* An Indigenous language teacher training diploma program, that educates cultural and language leaders.

* Preparation for students of Indigenous descent, and for students interested in teaching students of Indigenous descent, to teach at the Elementary and Secondary levels.

* Graduate Education at the master's and doctoral level.

* Master of Education specializations in Environmental and Sustainability Education, Indigenous Education, and Social Justice Education. Course route, portfolio and thesis options with on-site and fully online delivery options.

* A Department of Professional Development in Education that offers professional development for educators.

* The first Department of Aboriginal Education in Canada to foster Native Language instruction and prepare teachers to meet the needs of Aboriginal students and communities.

* New approaches to learning and areas of study are some of the ways the Faculty ensures leadership in the teaching arena.

We invite you to explore the many offerings provided by the Faculty of Education and share our passion for teaching.

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