Thunder Bay • Orillia

Master of Public Health (Specialization in Social-Ecological Systems, Sustainability and Health) (Thesis Option) (TB)(W)

Students must complete a total of 8.0 FCEs, including a 400-hour practicum and a thesis in the area of social-ecological systems, sustainability and health. Program requirements include:

(a) Required Courses
Health Sciences 5010 - Foundations of Public and Population Health (0.5 FCE)
Health Sciences 5013 - Social and Ecological Determinants of Health (0.5 FCE)
Health Sciences 5030 - Introduction to Biostatistics (0.5 FCE)
Health Sciences 5070 - Epidemiology l (0.5 FCE)
Health Sciences 5210 - Health Promotion and Illness Prevention (0.5 FCE)
Health Sciences 5213 - Environmental and Occupational Public Health (0.5 FCE)
Health Sciences 5510 - Program Planning and Evaluation (0.5 FCE)

(b) Specialization Electives
Students must complete two half-courses (1.0 FCE) among the following:

Health Sciences 5011: Canadian Food Systems: Critical Perspectives in Health and Sustainability (0.5 FCE)
Health Sciences 5012: Perspectives in Ecological Health (0.5 FCE)
Health Sciences 5016: Health and Sustainability (0.5 FCE)
Health Sciences 5710: Special Topics (in Social-Ecological Systems, Sustainability and Health ) (0.5 FCE)

(c) Practicum
Health Sciences 5805 (9805) - Master of Public Health Practicum and Report (1.5 FCEs)

(d) Thesis
Health Sciences 5901 (9901) - Master's Thesis (2.0 FCEs)