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Co-operative Education

Co-operative education provides students with an opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experience in a particular field, while earning a source of income.

Lakehead University offers a co-operative education option in the following programs:

Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) - Co-op 4 Yr
Bachelor of Science (Physics Major) - Co-op 4 Yr
Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting Major) Co-operative Option
Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Business Finance Major) Co-operative Option
Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resources Management/Industrial Relations Major) Co-operative Option
Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Information Systems Major) Co-operative Option
Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing Major) Co-operative Option
Honours Bachelor of Environmental Management, Co-operative Education Option
Honours BSc (Physics Major) - Co-operative Option
Honours Bachelor of Science in Forestry, Co-operative Education Option
Bachelor of Engineering Co-operative Education/Internship Option
Honours BSc (Computer Science) Co-operative Program
Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology Co-operative Program Option
Honours BASc (Environmental Sustainability Major) Co-op Option

Total enrolment in the Co-operative Education undergraduate degree programs is limited and selection will be primarily based upon academic credentials. In addition, consideration is given to relevant background information that demonstrates the applicant's aptitude for Co-operative Education.

Students are admitted to Co-op programs on application to the academic unit sponsoring the particular degree program sought. This will occur at times and under conditions determined by the academic units. Students enrolled in traditional degree programs in which a Co-op/Apprenticeship/Internship option exists, may apply through Enrollment Services - Academic Advising, Records and Registration on a Change of Program/Major Application Form.

In addition, a Co-operative Education Application must be completed on the mySuccess portal. Generally, students will apply for a Co-op work experience four months prior to the start of the anticipated Work Term (except for the Summer term, where you apply 6 months in advance). Students are encouraged to review application deadlines, which are available from the Student Success Centre Co-op Program webpage. For further admission information, please see the curriculum sections of the Academic Calendar for the Department, Faculty or School responsible for the program.

Co-op students apply for the Co-op program through the mySuccess portal where they will fill out an application and check off the agreement form. On the application, they will fill out their information, attach a resume and copy of transcript, and also select one of the dates for the Mandatory Job Search/Resume session they must complete before being approved. They will also indicate which term they are applying for and how long they wish to do a co-op work term (i.e. 8 months (2 terms). The Co-op Work Term course numbers are identified in the course description sections for each academic unit in the calendar. After submitting your application, you will then attend one of the Mandatory Job Search/Resume sessions and check the status of your application until it says approved. You will receive continuing email communication from the Co-op office indicated what the next steps are. 

Continuation in a Co-op program will be contingent on maintaining the academic performance required by the Department, Faculty or School responsible for the program as outlined in the curriculum sections of the Calendar. The process of confirming students who are eligible to continue in the Co-op/Apprenticeship/Internship option, will be completed no later than two weeks into the academic term preceding each work term.

Final dates for registration and withdrawal from work terms without financial penalty are indicated in the Academic Schedule of Dates.

For further information contact the Co-op and Employer Relations Officer at (807) 766-7190.