Thunder Bay • Orillia

Bachelor of Arts (Political Science Major) (TB)(O)

Three Year program
The BA (Political Science Major) is offered at both the Thunder Bay and the Orillia campuses.

An overall average of 60% in all Political Science courses is required.

Courses will be chosen in consultation with the Department.

Students are required to take one-half FCE in Political Theory from: Political Science 2510, 3515, 3517, 4215, 4330, 4513.

Students are also required to take one-half FCE in International Relations from: Political Science 2335, 2611, 2617, 3311, 3313, 3314, 3617, 3619, 4312, 4315, 4615.

Students are also required to take one-half FCE in Comparative Politics from: Political Science 2339, 3311, 3313, 3314, 3319, 3332, 3333, 3334, 3337, 3338, 3339, 3359, 3713, 4255, and 4311.

Students are required to take a one-half FCE Type E Indigenous Content course. This requirement may be taken in any year of study, Political Science 3351 is recommended.

First Year:
(a) Political Science 1100
(b) Two FCEs from Type A courses
(c) One FCE from Type B courses
(d) One FCE elective

Second Year:
(a) Political Science 2110
(b) One and one-half FCEs in Political Science taken from the second year (see Note 1 below)
(c) Two FCE electives chosen in consultation with the Department, one of which may be Political Science
(d) One FCE elective

Third Year:
(a) Two FCEs in Political Science taken from the third or fourth year level (see Note 2 below)
(b) Three FCE electives, one of which may be in Political Science, selected in consultation with the Department

Note 1: For Political Science Majors and Honours students Third Year Political Science Courses may be substituted for Second Year Political Science Courses in making up the requirements towards majors or honours degrees. Courses cannot be double counted.

Note 2: Third year students majoring in Political Science who have obtained a level at least equivalent to honours standing, may with the permission of the department, take courses given at the fourth year level.

Note 3: Majors and Honours students in Political Science are strongly advised to take a research methods or statistics course in another social science, such as Economics 2115/2117, Psychology 2101, or Sociology 3310/3311. Students should consult the appropriate sections of the calendar and obtain the necessary prerequisites for these courses.

Note 4: Students who have already taken Political Science 2212 or 2213 cannot take Political Science 2110 for credit.