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Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting Major)(TB) - Strategic Management II

Business 4071 Strategic Management II
Applies the concepts of strategic management to real-life organizational situations. Students are required to analyze an existing organization and to submit a detailed report of their findings, analyses, and recommendations for the future. Although this is a half-course equivalent, this course will be scheduled over both fall and winter terms. It is strongly recommended that students consult the instructor and begin planning their activities before the end of their third year. The work in this course will build on the topics in 3071 and will include a detailed strategy implementation plan for an organization.
Credit Weight: 0.5
Prerequisite(s): Completion of Third Year of the Honours Bachelor of Commerce Program, including Business 3071, with an overall 70% average
Offering: 1.5-0; 1.5-0
Course Classifications: Type B: Social Sciences