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Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting Major)(TB) - Accounting Theory

Business 4212 Accounting Theory
An exploration of contemporary financial accounting issues through accounting theory and research. An integrative approach is utilized by relying upon areas such as managerial economics, information theory, and agency theory. The course is designed around the expectations of an active classroom environment and incorporates various presentations, self-directed research, and thought-experiments. Key topics vary yearly, based upon the changing nature of current issues, but tend to include: fair value versus historical cost measurements; asset and liability recognition and measurement; the role and impact of accounting information on capital markets; ethics and professional conduct in accounting; the theory of income and capital maintenance; the market for auditing services; accounting disclosures and managers' selection of accounting procedures; the structure of the accounting profession and standard setters; and accounting’s historical developments.
Credit Weight: 0.5

60% in Business 3012

Offering: 3-0; 0-0
Course Classifications: Type B: Social Sciences