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BSc (Earth Science Major)(TB) - Depositional Environments

Geology 3410 Depositional Environments
Interpretation of the depositional environment in which sediments accumulated requires comparison of the lithofacies present in the rock record with standard lithofacies models developed from the study of recent environments. Lithofacies models discussed in this course include: alluvial fans (humid and arid); river systems (meandering, braided and anastomosing); aeolian deposits; lakes (playa, temporate and glacial); deltas (river, wave and tide dominated); strandlines (siliciclastic and carbonate); shelves (siliciclastic and carbonate); deep marine (slope, submarine fan and pelagic); glacial; and volcaniclastic. The laboratory exercises provide practical experience in interpreting depositional environments.
Credit Weight: 0.5
Prerequisite(s): Geology 2214
Cross-List(s): Environmental Studies 3410
Offering: 3-2; or 3-2
Course Classifications: Type C: Engineering, Mathematical and Natural Sciences