Thunder Bay • Orillia

Bachelor of Arts (Indigenous Learning Major)/Bachelor of Education I/S (Indigenous Teacher Education Program) (TB) - Field Experience

Education 4395 Field Experience
A supervised practical experience during which students observe and practice teaching in alternative and informal instructional settings such as Boys and Girls Clubs, Friendship Centres, after-school activities and Shkoday (AHS). Students will observe and participate, as well as plan, organize and deliver introductory lessons exemplifying best practices in experiential, and interactive learning under the supervision of the course instructor. Practical experience will consist of nine (9) hours of instructional planning with their field experience team, eighteen (18) hours of face-to-face learning experience time with children and youth, followed by an additional nine (9) hours of field experience de-briefing and further refinement of planning.
Credit Weight: 0.5
Notes: Restricted to students in the Honours Bachelor of Education (Indigenous Teacher Education) P/J program, the BABEd (Indigenous Learning) I/S program, and the Specialization as a Teacher of Indigenous Learners, except with special permission of the Chair of the Department of Aboriginal Education.
Course Classifications:
  • Type B: Social Sciences
  • Type E: Indigenous Content