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Bachelor of Arts (Indigenous Learning Major)/Bachelor of Education I/S (Indigenous Teacher Education Program) (TB) - Indigenous Literature in Canada

Indigenous Learning 2717 Indigenous Literature in Canada
A study of literature in English by First Nations, M├ętis and Inuit authors within Canada. Topics to be covered may include the relationship between oral and written traditions; the adaptation of forms of English-language literature so that they are more appropriate to Indigenous cultural contexts; and the use of literary texts to teach aspects of philosophy, history, religion and/or environmental science.
Credit Weight: 0.5

Indigenous Learning 1100, or second year standing, or one FCE in English at the first-year level, or permission of the Chair of the Department of English.

Cross-List(s): English 2717
Offering: 3-0; or 3-0
Notes: Students who have previous credit in Indigenous Learning 2702/English 2702 may not take Indigenous Learning/English 2717 for credit.
Course Classifications:
  • Type A: Humanities
  • Type E: Indigenous Content