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Bachelor of Science (Physics Major)/Bachelor of Education I/S (TB) - Introductory Electronics

Physics 3231 Introductory Electronics
The course begins with a rapid review of DC and AC circuit theory. Basic bipolar junction transistor circuits are then covered; such as the emitter follower, current sources and mirrors, the common emitter, push-pull, and differential amplifiers. A number of linear and non-linear operational amplifier circuits are examined with an emphasis on negative and positive feedback circuit analysis. Specialized amplifiers used as comparators, triggers, and oscillators are also examined. A quick overview of the field effect transistor, amplifier noise, and filter bandwidth rounds out the course. This is a laboratory intensive course.
Credit Weight: 0.5
Prerequisite(s): Physics 2211 or permission of the instructor
Offering: 3-3; 0-0
Course Classifications: Type C: Engineering, Mathematical and Natural Sciences