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Honours Bachelor of Science (Water Resource Science Major)(TB) - Plant Ecology of Disturbed Habitats

Biology 4115 Plant Ecology of Disturbed Habitats
Habitat and plant community response to natural and human induced ecosystem disturbances will be discussed with special reference to type, intensity and frequency of disturbance. Particular attention will be focused on regeneration strategies of dominant plants, species diversity and composition, nearground microclimate, and changes in soil physical and chemical properties. Vulnerability and resilience of ecosystem integrity will be explained on the basis of biotic and abiotic factors with special reference to boreal forests. Remediation of adverse ecological impacts resulting from human induced disturbances will be discussed. Technical writing based on field and laboratory studies, term papers, and seminar presentations are required components of the course.
Credit Weight: 0.5
Cross-List(s): Environmental Studies 4115
Offering: 3-3; or 3-3
Notes: An additional fee (see Miscellaneous Fees) is required for this course.
Course Classifications: Type C: Engineering, Mathematical and Natural Sciences