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Summary of Changes Made in This Calendar - Northern and Rural Health III

Medicine 5405 Northern and Rural Health III
The course provides opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and skills acquired in Phase 1 (MEDS 5005 and 5205) to advance their place-based competencies in northern and rural medicine and to demonstrate their ability to deliver compassionate and culturally safe care. Through community service learning, scholarship activities, and active participation in health care, students will demonstrate competence in their ability to assess and respond to the changing needs of the community; lead and advocate for equitable health care services; collaborate effectively with healthcare teams and community service providers; and engage in scholarly activities that will advance topics relevant to the northern communities in which students live, learn, and work for the eight month Comprehensive Community Clerkship. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the social, cultural, economic, and environment realities of practicing medicine in Northern Ontario.