Thunder Bay • Orillia

Type A: Humanities - Victorian Literature and Culture

English 3430 Victorian Literature and Culture
A study of texts written between roughly 1830 and 1900. Though the adjective “Victorian” carries with it connotations of prudishness and propriety, our analysis will show that this period was in fact a time of radical social change, including: clashes between science and religion; the development of the “angel in the house” and the “New Woman”; increased urbanization, with both its cosmopolitan pleasures and its slums; and the explosion of popular print. Readings will focus on everything from orphans to vampires in order to understand how writers of fiction, drama, poetry, and new genres (such as reportage and the case study) sought to capture and to resolve Victorian England’s many social conflicts.
Credit Weight: 0.5

Two FCEs in English, including at least one half-course at the second-year level, or permission of the Chair of the Department

Offering: 3-0; or 3-0
Notes: Students who have previous credit in English 3417 or 3418 may not take English 3430 for credit. English 3430 counts toward fulfillment of the Area 2 requirement.
Course Classifications: Type A: Humanities