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Type A: Humanities - Contesting America: Modernism and Beyond

English 3612 Contesting America: Modernism and Beyond
A study of American texts from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries in a variety of genres that may include poetry, fiction and non-fiction prose, drama, graphic novels, film, and digital media, with an emphasis on the following questions: How have modern and contemporary American authors sought to contest the idea of America? In an era of radical political and social movements, how have they understood or challenged categories of race, class, gender, and sexuality? How have they experimented with literary forms?
Credit Weight: 0.5

Two FCEs in English, including at least one half-course at the second-year level, or permission of the Chair of the Department

Offering: 3-0; or 3-0
Notes: Students who have previous credit in English 2601 may not take English 3612 for credit.
Course Classifications: Type A: Humanities