Thunder Bay • Orillia

Type B: Social Sciences - Communication and Culture in the STEM Classroom

Education 1011 Communication and Culture in the STEM Classroom
Students will improve their communication skills with writing, reading, thinking, speaking, and listening as part of their training as future STEM educators. This course builds English language proficiency while strengthening an understanding of Canadian academic communication practices in the context of the Canadian classroom.
Credit Weight: 0.5

Permission of the Chair of Undergraduate Studies in Education

Cross-List(s): General Science 1011
Offering: 2-1; 2-1 (Two one-hour lectures weekly; and one-hour tutorial in alternate weeks)
Notes: Education 1011/ General Science 1011 may be used as a half-course elective, but does not count for credit as a Type C course. Students in Concurrent Education Mathematics or Science I/S programs may count this course as the required 0.5 FCE Education elective or towards an open elective within their program. This course is restricted to students who have been directed to take it as a condition of entry to their academic program, or who have been directed to take it by an academic advisor.
Course Classifications: Type B: Social Sciences