Thunder Bay • Orillia

Type B: Social Sciences - Introduction to Social Welfare

Social Work 1100 Introduction to Social Welfare
An in-depth exploration of the experience of poverty and Canada’s social welfare system – specifically the income security programs offered as part of that system. We will examine the income security-related social policy and social programs that underlie the Canadian social welfare system. Attention is given to the history of society's response to meeting human need and to the various philosophical and theoretical perspectives and motivations for social welfare. We will look at how the social welfare system works, how it became what it is today, who makes decisions about it, what theories and approaches inform those decisions, and why certain vulnerable populations within our society are more likely to make use of it. Attention will be given to key concepts including oppression and social justice.
Credit Weight: 1.0
Offering: 3-0; 3-0
Course Classifications:
  • Type B: Social Sciences
  • Type D: Health and Behavioral Sciences