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Type C: Engineering, Mathematical and Natural Sciences - Ceramic Analysis

Anthropology 3235 Ceramic Analysis
The analysis of ceramics, combining archaeology and ethnology. From prehistory to the present, people have used clay to form pottery and other objects. How can ceramic evidence permit inferences about societies past and present? Topics include the chemistry and mineralogy of clays; physical properties of ceramics; techniques of pottery production; organization of ceramic data; analysis of pottery style, form and function; instrumental analysis; and frameworks for interpreting the societies, politics, and economies of pottery makers and users. Perspectives from archaeology and ethnology are joined with the development of hands-on laboratory skill including drawing pottery, analyzing fabric, working with a ceramics database, and creating typologies.
Credit Weight: 0.5

Anthropology 1032 or 2151, or permission of the Chair of the Department of Anthropology

Offering: 3-3; or 3-3
Notes: Students who have previous credit in Anthropology 3815 or 3817, with topic title Ceramics Analysis, may not take Anthropology 3235 for credit.
Course Classifications:
  • Type B: Social Sciences
  • Type C: Engineering, Mathematical and Natural Sciences