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Type C: Engineering, Mathematical and Natural Sciences - Comparative Animal Physiology

Biology 3250 Comparative Animal Physiology
Overview of the major physiological systems of the animal body with particular emphasis on mammals. Topics covered will include but not necessarily be restricted to: form and function of neural systems including sensory and motor pathways, endocrine systems, the musculoskeletal system and locomotion, thermoregulatory strategies, cardiovascular systems and fluid compartments of the body, and respiration.
Credit Weight: 0.5

Biology 1110

Offering: 3-3; or 3-3
Notes: Students who have previous credit in Biology 2030 may not take Biology 3250 or 3251 or 3253 for credit. An additional fee (see Miscellaneous Fees) is required for this course.
Course Classifications: Type C: Engineering, Mathematical and Natural Sciences