Thunder Bay • Orillia

Type C: Engineering, Mathematical and Natural Sciences - Field Mapping

Geology 2318 Field Mapping
Areas of bedrock outcrop will be visited the week following final spring examinations. These field areas will be utilized to teach the principles of basic mapping. Students will begin by constructing base maps using compass and pace techniques. Field identification of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks will be stressed and this information will be plotted on the base map to produce a geologic map. The final project will be a multi-day mapping exercise where the student will learn to utilize GPS (global positioning system) data to plot locations on topographic base maps.
Credit Weight: 0.5
Prerequisite(s): Geology 1111 and 1131 and Geology 2310 and/or Geology 2217 or permission of the Chair of the Department
Notes: Students are required to complete the St. John Ambulance Standard First Aid course or the approved equivalent (at the student's own expense) prior to registering in this class. An additional fee (see Miscellaneous Fees) is required for this course.
Course Classifications: Type C: Engineering, Mathematical and Natural Sciences