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Type C: Engineering, Mathematical and Natural Sciences - Evolutionary Psychology

Psychology 4012 Evolutionary Psychology
Presents an integrated framework for thinking about all aspects of mind and behaviour. Focuses on the theoretical foundations and assumptions of evolutionary psychology such as natural and sexual selection, adaptation, inclusive fitness, and the levels and targets of selection. Explores issues such as innateness and development, the significance of ancestral ecology, the modularity of mind, and the origins of cooperation and culture. Students will be equipped with the means to view any psychological phenomenon, be it development, emotions, cognition, personality, or social interactions, from an evolutionary perspective.
Credit Weight: 0.5

3.0 FCEs in Psychology

Offering: 3-0; or 3-0
Notes: Students with previous credit in Psychology 2451 may not take Psychology 4012 for credit.
Course Classifications:
  • Type C: Engineering, Mathematical and Natural Sciences
  • Type D: Health and Behavioral Sciences