Thunder Bay • Orillia

Type D: Health and Behavioural Sciences - Introductory Human Physiology

Biology 2030 Introductory Human Physiology
The fundamental principles of organ system physiology with special emphasis on mammals. Cell structure and transport, neural signaling and the central nervous system, muscle, circulation, gas exchange and osmoregulation. The practical application and relevance of certain physiological concepts is enhanced through clinical examples.
Credit Weight: 0.5
Offering: 3-3; or 3-3
Notes: May only be taken by students in Nursing and Kinesiology degree programs. Students who have previous credit in Biology 2030 may not take Biology 3250 or 3251 or 3253 for credit. An additional fee (see Miscellaneous Fees) is required for this course.
Course Classifications:
  • Type C: Engineering, Mathematical and Natural Sciences
  • Type D: Health and Behavioral Sciences