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Type D: Health and Behavioural Sciences - Field Instruction I

Social Work 3500 Field Instruction I
A field practicum to offer planned and supervised social work practice experience in an approved agency or organization. This opportunity and the required integrative learning activities will allow students to apply the theories and principles learned in the classroom to develop basic competence in generalist social work practice. System levels may focus on individuals, families, groups, or communities as a learning experience. The student will spend the equivalent of 50 days in the field work experience.
Credit Weight: 1.5
Offering: 350 hours total (4 days a week = 50 days in winter term or equivalent)
Notes: Note 1: One Year students must complete a total of 700 hours (100 days) as the requirement for a combined placement (Social Work 3500 and 4501) in the same setting. May be taken by 3rd year and One year Social Work students only. Note 2: Students may consider challenging Social Work 3500 with appropriate work experience/prior placements and social work supervision Note 3: 3rd Year students must have completed SOWK 3401 and SOWK 3215 prior to beginning SOWK 3500. 3rd Year students must be currently enrolled in SOWK 3315. Note 4: One Year students must have completed SOWK 3401 and be currently enrolled in SOWK 4300 and SOWK 4407
Course Classifications:
  • Type B: Social Sciences
  • Type D: Health and Behavioral Sciences