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Lakehead 2012-2013 Admission Requirements
Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Application Procedure


Students should apply for admission to programs at Lakehead University and be admitted, before registration may take place.

1. Students in Ontario high schools applying for entry to degree or diploma programs apply online at http://www.ouac.on.ca/101/. Pin number for application access will be distributed by the student's Guidance Counselor.

2. Non-Ontario High School students, part-time students, and/or college/university transfer students should contact the Office of Admissions and Recruitment for the appropriate application form.

3. When requesting a university application form, candidates should outline their academic backgrounds in the context of admission requirements specified in the University Calendar and specify the Faculty Program and Major to which they wish to be admitted.

Students who have been required to withdraw from another post-secondary institution for academic reasons, are not eligible to be considered for admission for at least 12 months following the date of dismissal. Admission is not automatic. Such applicants must meet the competitive admission criteria specified by the individual program.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that application information is truthful, complete and correct. The University reserves the right to verify any information provided as part of the application. If information in the application form is determined to be false or misleading, concealed or withheld, the application may be invalidated which could result in its immediate rejection or in the revocation of an offer of admision or expulsion from the University. Information about a rejection or revocation of an application may be shared with universities and colleges across Canada. The determination of whether an application contains false or misleading information or that an applicant has concealed or withheld information and with which universities and colleges this information may be shared is solely in the discretion of the University, if applicable, and the Ontario University Application Centre.


Applicants who lack a required subject for their planned program or major, may be considered if the level of achievement in other subjects is substantially better than average. Each applicant in this category is considered on an individual basis.


Candidates whose applications have been approved will be notified by an official statement of admission specifying the year level, conditions and transfer credit awarded. Candidates who accept the University's Offer of Admission are asked to advise the University of their intentions, remitting an appropriate non-refundable deposit applicable against fees.

Information regarding time and place of registration in September, and option selection, will be sent to admitted students early in the summer. Continuing students will be notified about the early registration process. Counselling services are available throughout the year.

Registration is complete when the student's course selection has been approved by the program advisor and the student has paid the first instalment of his/her fees.

Every student must register at the commencement of each school year, and acquire a student identification card.


Students intending to seek admission to graduate and professional schools on completion of their degree should choose their first degree options in accordance with requirements for admission to these schools.


Once a student has completed registration, he/she may add or drop courses subject to the approval of the program advisor in accordance with the deadlines published in the Academic Schedule at the front of the Calendar. Changes of program, space permitting, may also be made up to two weeks after the beginning of classes with appropriate approvals. A change of course or program fee may apply. See the Fees section for details of these changes. Registration and course changes at the undergraduate level normally do not require approval, except for those courses which require in-person registration only, as noted on the Timetable. Approval is required for program changes (contact the Office of Admissions and Recruitment) and if a request is made to waive a regulation.


The University reserves the right to refuse admission to any candidate, and to refuse readmission if the student's academic performance or general conduct has been unsatisfactory. See also General University Regulation I(c).

Although 70% is the minimum acceptable average for admission to degree programs, a higher average may be required. (Applicants below this level may be considered on an individual basis.) Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to either the University or a specific program.