Thunder Bay • Orillia

Type A: Humanities

Algonquian 1212 Oral Algon Structure Part I
Algonquian 1232 Oral Algon Structure Part II
Algonquian 2213 Oral Algon Structure Part III
Algonquian 2233 Oral Algon Structure Part IV
Anthropology 0300 Introduction to Language
Anthropology 1034 World Cultures
Anthropology 2116 Gender Cross-Cultural Perspect
Anthropology 2151 Ancient Peoples and Places
Anthropology 2332 Peoples and Cultures of Africa
Anthropology 2550 Traditional Indigenous Culture
Anthropology 3534 Visual Anthropology
Anthropology 3551 Aboriginal & Treaty Rights
Anthropology 3717 Exploring Cultural Diversity
Anthropology 3718 Anth of Magic and Religion
Anthropology 3739 Anthropology of Art
Business 1031 Business Writing I
Business 2031 Business Writing II
Business 2051 Business Presentations
Business 2351 Business Communications II
Classics 0510 An Introduction to Etymology
Classics 2105 Classical Mythology
Classics 2201 Greek History
Classics 2203 Roman History
Classics 2311 Ancient Greek Philosophy
Classics 3701 Women in Classical Antiquity
Cree 1010 Introduction to Cree I
Cree 1012 Introduction to Cree II
Criminology 3770 Crime, Media, Culture
Education 0910 Special Topics
Education 1351 Nasl Methods,part One
Education 1352 Nasl Methods,part Two
Education 1353 Nasl Methods,part Three
Education 1354 Nasl Methods,part Four
Education 1571 Introduction to Teaching
Education 1572 The Development of the Child
Education 1573 Current Issues Native Lang Edu
Education 1574 Approaches Bilingual Educ
Education 3012 Teach Indigenous Design & Tech
English 1011 Composition
English 1015 Intro to Academic Writing
English 1016 Intro to Professional Writing
English 1115 Foundations of Literary Study
English 1116 Native & Newcomer Lit in Can
English 1117 Intro to Popular Culture
English 1118 Intro to Film Studies
English 1807 Writing Skills for NNEP prog
English 2010 Special Topics
English 2035 Horror Films and Feminism
English 2115 Shakespeare
English 2250 History of English Lit I
English 2251 History of English Lit II
English 2510 Global Literatures in English
English 2717 Indigenous Lit in Canada
English 2810 Gender, Sexuality & Body in Li
English 2817 Writ Across Genres:Nonfiction
English 2818 Writ Across Genres: Creative
English 2913 Intro Lit & Cultural Theories
English 2916 Popular Fiction
English 2917 Children's Literature
English 2950 Science Fiction
English 3011 Special Topics in Writing
English 3015 Chaucer and His Contemporaries
English 3017 Advanced Creative Writing
English 3031 Advanced Rhetoric
English 3035 Prof Writing: Print Contexts
English 3036 Prof Writing: Digital Contexts
English 3050 Spc Topic Medieval & Early Lit
English 3051 Spc Topic 18th & 19th Cent Lit
English 3052 Spc Topic Global & Minority Li
English 3053 Spc Topic Gender & Secuality
English 3115 16th Century Literature
English 3119 Adapt & Approp of Shakespeare
English 3215 17th Century Literature
English 3313 18th Century Literature
English 3410 British Romanticism
English 3430 Victorian Literature & Culture
English 3611 Image America: Begin to Modern
English 3612 Contest Am: Modernism & Beyond
English 3710 Cnd Literature to Centennial
English 3713 Contemporary Canadian Lit
English 3750 21st Cent Indigenous Storytell
English 3751 Indigenous Child & Young Adult
English 3810 Spc Topics in Women's Writing
English 3850 Queer Texts
English 3911 Special Topics
English 3917 Modernism
English 3919 Young Adult Literature
English 3935 Global Africa
English 3951 Immigrant Literatures
English 3952 Natl Cinemas & Film Movements
English 3953 Cultural Studies
English 3954 Ecocriticism
English 3970 Global South Asia
English 4010 Honours Seminar
English 4012 Honours Seminar Indigenous Lit
English 4013 Hon Sem Med & Early Modern Lit
English 4014 Hon Sem 18th & 19th Cent Lit
English 4015 Hon Sem Global & Minority Lit
English 4016 Hon Sem in Gender & Sexuality
English 4017 Honours Seminar Ecocriticism
English 4113 Women and Legal Narratives
English 4914 Hon Seminar in Critical Theory
Environmental Studies 2013 Environmental Philosophy
Environmental Studies 3435 Indigenous Peoples & the Land
Finnish 1000 Elementary Finnish
Finnish 2001 Intermediate Finnish
Finnish 2401 Finnish Civilization
Finnish 3001 Advanced Finnish
French 0500 French for Beginners
French 1000 Elementary French
French 1200 Intermediate French
French 1204 Francais Intermediaire
French 1510 Oral French I
French 1511 Oral French II
French 2101 Advanced Oral French
French 2201 Advanced French
French 2211 Writing Strategies
French 2413 Language in Context
French 2416 France: Culture & Civilization
French 2417 La Francophonie: Culture/Civil
French 2611 Intro. to French-Canadian Civ
French 2615 Intro. to French-Canadian Lit.
French 2715 Phonetics & Pronounciation
French 3130 Specialized French
French 3201 Modern Usage and Translation
French 3203 Stylistics and Composition
French 3510 Perfecting Oral Skills
French 3517 Women's Writings in France
French 3603 French Cdn Literature
French 3610 Northern Ontario French Lit
French 3615 Children's Lit in French
French 3650 African & Caribbean Literature
French 3715 French Applied Linguistics
French 3750 French Lexicography
French 3810 Special Topics
French 3814 19th Century French Novels
French 3815 19th Cent Fren Poetry & Plays
French 3820 Special Topics
French 3834 20th Century French Novels
French 3835 20th Cent Fren Poetry & Plays
French 4010 Francophone Cinema & Lit
French 4515 The Classical Period
French 4517 The Age of Enlightenment
French 4533 Sem II: Genres in French Lit
French 4810 Special Topics
French 4820 Special Topics
French 4901 Honours Thesis
Geography 2251 Inquiry & Interpretation
Geography 2271 Quantitative Methods in Geog
Geography 2811 Cultural Geography
Geography 3253 Cartography
Geography 3611 Geography of the United States
Geography 3631 Geography of Canada
Geography 4291 Intl Field Study
Geography 4811 Rural Geography
Geography 4831 Indigenous Geographies
German 1000 Elementary German
Gerontology 3011 Death
History 1100 The Making of the Modern World
History 2619 Modern South Asia
History 2811 Special Topics
Indigenous Learning 1011 Introduction to Cree I
Indigenous Learning 1013 Introduction to Cree II
Indigenous Learning 1014 Intro to Severn Ojibwe I
Indigenous Learning 1015 Intro to Western Ojibwe I
Indigenous Learning 1016 Intro to Severn Ojibwe II
Indigenous Learning 1017 Intro to Western Ojibwe II
Indigenous Learning 1100 Intro Indigenous Learning
Indigenous Learning 1312 Indigenous Imagery
Indigenous Learning 2054 Indigenous Peoples & Nat Res
Indigenous Learning 2301 Special Topics
Indigenous Learning 2302 Transfer of Educ Jurisdiction
Indigenous Learning 2311 Indigenous Peoples & Newcomers
Indigenous Learning 2312 Indigenous Peoples & the N
Indigenous Learning 2313 Indigenous People & Urban Comm
Indigenous Learning 2314 Metis Peoples of Canada
Indigenous Learning 2315 Comm Well-Being Indigenous Ppl
Indigenous Learning 2431 Indigenous People and the Past
Indigenous Learning 2550 Traditional Indigenous Culture
Indigenous Learning 2711 Indigenous Peoples, Myth & Dra
Indigenous Learning 2717 Indigenous Lit in Canada
Indigenous Learning 2805 Indigenous Cdn World Views
Indigenous Learning 3100 Research Methodology
Indigenous Learning 3110 Special Topics
Indigenous Learning 3435 Indigenous People and the Land
Indigenous Learning 3501 Indi Narr, Myths, Leg & Cerem
Indigenous Learning 3551 Aboriginal & Treaty Rights
Indigenous Learning 3750 21st Cent Indigenous Storytell
Indigenous Learning 3751 Indigenous Child & Young Adult
Indigenous Learning 4012 Honours Seminar Indigenous Lit
Indigenous Learning 4111 Honours Project I
Indigenous Learning 4112 Honours Project II
Indigenous Learning 4301 Special Topics
Indigenous Learning 4302 Indigenous Peoples & World
Indigenous Learning 4411 Soc Work Prac & Aboriginal Peo
Indigenous Learning 4801 Indi Self-Govt in Intl Law
Interdisciplinary Studies 1010 Foundations of Inquiry
Interdisciplinary Studies 3010 Applications of Inquiry
Interdisciplinary Studies 4010 Honours Seminar
Interdisciplinary Studies 4030 Honours Research
Interdisciplinary Studies 4032 Hon Research in Criminology
Interdisciplinary Studies 4220 Honours Media Research Project
Interdisciplinary Studies 4240 Honours Media Arts Project
Interdisciplinary Studies 4260 Hons Research Creation Project
Italian 1000 Introductory Italian
Italian 1510 Language and Culture
Italian 2510 Italian Civilization & Culture
Kinesiology 2079 Soc of Sport & Physical Act I
Kinesiology 3079 Soc of Sport & Physical Act II
Language 0500 Special Topics: Intro Selected
Language 3001 Directed Reading
Latin 1000 Elementary Latin
Latin 2001 Intermediate Latin
Linguistics 0300 Introduction to Language
Linguistics 0510 An Introduction to Etymology
Mandarin 1000 Introductory Mandarin
Media Studies 1010 Intro Media, Film, & Comm
Media Studies 1015 Introduction to Digital Image
Media Studies 1030 Intro to Visual Media
Media Studies 1050 Intro Media & Film Production
Media Studies 1117 Intro to Popular Culture
Media Studies 1118 Intro to Film Studies
Media Studies 1610 Creative Music and Sound Arts
Media Studies 2010 Alternative New Media
Media Studies 2030 Intermediate Media Production
Media Studies 2230 Res Meth Media, Film, Comm
Media Studies 2310 Anti-Racist & Indi Media Can
Media Studies 2412 Computer Art I
Media Studies 2433 Computer Art II
Media Studies 2610 Video Production
Media Studies 2950 Science Fiction
Media Studies 3010 Sp Topics Media Representation
Media Studies 3011 Independent Studies in Media
Media Studies 3012 Photography Studies
Media Studies 3013 Strategic Digital Comm
Media Studies 3310 Media, Art and Activism
Media Studies 3410 Sexuality in Media
Media Studies 3510 Globalizing Discourses of Diss
Media Studies 3530 Transnational Media,sex,gender
Media Studies 3610 Web Design
Media Studies 3630 Advanced Media Production
Media Studies 3650 Sound Production & Post-Produc
Media Studies 3690 Cinematography
Media Studies 3750 21st Cent Indigenous Storytell
Media Studies 3770 Crime, Media, Culture
Media Studies 3910 Internship I
Media Studies 3930 Internship II
Media Studies 3952 Natl Cinemas & Film Movements
Media Studies 4310 Media & Env Justice Movements
Media Studies 4350 Fem Approach Media & Tech
Media Studies 4430 Meta-Media
Media Studies 4530 Media Framing of Immigration
Media Studies 4550 Global Indigenous Media
Media Studies 4650 Special Topics in Media Prod
Media Studies 4801 Honours Media, Film, Comm Proj
Music 1300 Introduction to Music
Music 1310 Rudiments of Music
Music 1312 Music History I
Music 1313 Music History II
Music 1318 Musicianship I
Music 1330 Special Topic Ensemble I
Music 1331 Wind Ensemble I
Music 1333 Vocal Ensemble I
Music 1340 Theory of Music I
Music 1400 Performance Primary I, Violin
Music 1402 Performance Primary I, Cello
Music 1404 Perfomance Primary I, Viola
Music 1405 Performance Primary I, Harp
Music 1406 Performance Primary I, Bass
Music 1408 Perf Primary I, Classical Guit
Music 1410 Performance Secon I, Violin
Music 1412 Performance Secondary I, Cello
Music 1414 Performance Secondary I, Viola
Music 1415 Performance Secondary I, Harp
Music 1416 Performance Secondary I, Bass
Music 1418 Perf Secon I, Classical Guitar
Music 1500 Performance Prim I, Clarinet
Music 1502 Performance Primary I, Oboe
Music 1504 Performance Primary I, Bassoon
Music 1506 Performance Primary I, Flute
Music 1508 Performance Prim I, Saxophone
Music 1510 Performance Second I, Clarinet
Music 1512 Performance Secondary I, Oboe
Music 1514 Performance Second I, Bassoon
Music 1516 Performance Secondary I, Flute
Music 1518 Performance Second I Saxophone
Music 1600 Performance Primary I, Trumpet
Music 1602 Perf Primary I, French Horn
Music 1604 Performance Prim I, Trombone
Music 1606 Perf Prim I, Tuba/Euphonium
Music 1608 Performance Prim I, Percussion
Music 1610 Performance Second I, Trumpet
Music 1612 Perf Second I, French Horn
Music 1614 Performance Secon I, Trombone
Music 1616 Perf Second I, Tuba/Euphonium
Music 1618 Perf Second I, Percussion
Music 1700 Performance Primary I, Piano
Music 1702 Performance Primary I, Organ
Music 1704 Performance Primary I, Voice
Music 1710 Performance Secondary I, Piano
Music 1712 Performance Secondary I, Organ
Music 1714 Performance Secondary I, Voice
Music 2314 Music History III
Music 2315 Music History IV
Music 2317 Percussion Techniques
Music 2330 Special Topic Ensemble II
Music 2331 Wind Ensemble II
Music 2332 Chamber Ensemble I
Music 2333 Vocal Ensemble II
Music 2334 New Music Ensemble I
Music 2335 Jazz Ensemble I
Music 2336 Chamber Choir I
Music 2341 Theory of Music II
Music 2361 Topics in Music A
Music 2400 Performance Primary II,Violin
Music 2402 Performance Primary II, Cello
Music 2404 Performance Primary II,Viola
Music 2405 Performance Primary II, Harp
Music 2406 Performance Primary II, Bass
Music 2408 Perf Prim II, Classical Guit
Music 2410 Performance Secon II, Violin
Music 2412 Performance Secon II, Cello
Music 2414 Performance Secon II, Viola
Music 2415 Performance Secondary II,Harp
Music 2416 Performance Secon II, Bass
Music 2418 Perf Secon II, Classical Guit
Music 2500 Performance Prim II, Clarinet
Music 2502 Performance Primary Ii, Oboe
Music 2504 Performance Prim II, Bassoon
Music 2506 Performance Primary II, Flute
Music 2508 Perf Primary II, Saxophone
Music 2510 Perf Secon II, Clarinet
Music 2512 Performance Second II, Oboe
Music 2514 Performance Secon II, Bassoon
Music 2516 Performance Secon II, Flute
Music 2518 Perf Secondary II, Saxophone
Music 2600 Performance Prim II, Trumpet
Music 2602 Perf Prim II, French Horn
Music 2604 Performance Prim II, Trombone
Music 2606 Perf Prim II, Tuba/Euphonium
Music 2608 Perf Primary II, Percussion
Music 2610 Performance Secon II, Trumpet
Music 2612 Perf Second II, French Horn
Music 2614 Perf Secondary II, Trombone
Music 2616 Perf Secon II, Tuba/Euphonium
Music 2618 Perf Secondary II, Percussion
Music 2700 Performance Primary II, Piano
Music 2702 Performance Primary II, Organ
Music 2704 Performance Primary II, Voice
Music 2710 Performance Second II, Piano
Music 2712 Performance Second II, Organ
Music 2714 Performance Second II, Voice
Music 3313 Topics in Music I
Music 3316 World Music
Music 3317 Music in Canada
Music 3318 Musicianship II
Music 3319 Independent Study in Music
Music 3320 Topics in Music B
Music 3330 Special Topic Ensemble III
Music 3331 Wind Ensemble III
Music 3332 Chamber Ensemble II
Music 3333 Vocal Ensemble III
Music 3334 New Music Ensemble II
Music 3335 Jazz Ensemble II
Music 3336 Chamber Choir II
Music 3351 Vocal Literature
Music 3352 Keyboard Literature
Music 3356 Guitar Literature
Music 3371 Conducting I
Music 3372 Conducting II
Music 3375 Directed Study in Conducting
Music 3400 Performance Prim III, Violin
Music 3402 Performance Prim III, Cello
Music 3404 Performance Prim III, Viola
Music 3405 Performance Primary III, Harp
Music 3406 Performance Prim III, Bass
Music 3408 Perf Prim III, Classical Guit
Music 3500 Perf Primary III, Clarinet
Music 3502 Performance Primary III, Oboe
Music 3504 Performance Prim III, Bassoon
Music 3506 Performance Prim III, Flute
Music 3508 Perf Prim III, Saxophone
Music 3600 Performance Prim III, Trumpet
Music 3602 Perf Primary III, French Horn
Music 3604 Perf Primary III, Trombone
Music 3606 Perf Prim III, Tuba/Euphonium
Music 3608 Perf Primary III, Percussion
Music 3700 Performance Prim III, Piano
Music 3702 Performance Prim III, Organ
Music 3704 Performance Prim III, Voice
Music 3800 Applied Composition I
Music 4301 Honours Project in Music
Music 4304 Composition
Music 4305 Orchestration
Music 4314 Form and Analysis
Music 4315 Topics in Music II
Music 4316 Woodwind Techniques
Music 4317 Brass Techniques
Music 4319 Directed Study in Musicology
Music 4330 Special Topic Ensemble IV
Music 4331 Wind Ensemble IV
Music 4332 Chamber Ensemble III
Music 4333 Vocal Ensemble IV
Music 4334 New Music Ensemble III
Music 4400 Performance Prim IV, Violin
Music 4402 Performance Primary IV, Cello
Music 4404 Performance Prim IV, Viola
Music 4405 Performance Primary IV, Harp
Music 4406 Performance Primary IV, Bass
Music 4408 Perf Prim IV, Classical Guit
Music 4500 Performance Prim IV, Clarinet
Music 4502 Performance Prim IV, Oboe
Music 4504 Performance Prim IV, Bassoon
Music 4506 Performance Primary IV, Flute
Music 4508 Perf Primary IV, Saxophone
Music 4600 Performance Prim IV, Trumpet
Music 4602 Perf Prim IV, French Horn
Music 4604 Performance Prim IV, Trombone
Music 4606 Perf Prim IV, Tuba/Euphonium
Music 4608 Perf Prim IV, Percussion
Music 4700 Performance Primary IV, Piano
Music 4702 Performance Primary IV, Organ
Music 4704 Performance Primary IV, Voice
Music 4800 Applied Composition II
Music 4915 Music Criticism
Native Language 2711 Intro Native Am Linguist
Native Language 2713 Algonquian Linguistics
Native Language 3251 Translation
Native Language 3511 Literature: the Oral Tradition
Native Language 3531 Composition
Native Language 3551 Literature
Native Language 3711 Native Am Applied Lingui
Native Language 3751 Linguistics
Native Language 3811 Special Topic I
Native Language 3813 Special Topic II
Northern Studies 3435 Native People and the Land
Natural Resources Management 0190 Writing Across the Curr I
Natural Resources Management 0290 Writing Across the Curr II
Natural Resources Management 0390 Writing Across the Curr III
Natural Resources Management 2054 Indigenous Peoples & Nat Res
Ojibwe 1013 Intro to Severn Ojibwe I
Ojibwe 1014 Intro to Western Ojibwe I
Ojibwe 1015 Intro to Severn Ojibwe II
Ojibwe 1016 Intro to Western Ojibwe II
Ojibwe 2001 Intermediate Severn Ojibwe
Ojibwe 3001 Advanced Severn Ojibwe
Outdoor Recreation 4911 Standards Practice Therapeutic
Philosophy 1110 Intro to Philosophy: Origins
Philosophy 1111 Intro Philosophy: Modern Devel
Philosophy 1117 Introduction to Thinking
Philosophy 1118 Philosophy Occult & Paranormal
Philosophy 1119 Phil Through Popular Culture
Philosophy 1571 Contemporary Moral Issues
Philosophy 1573 Phil & the Human Condition
Philosophy 2012 Methods
Philosophy 2013 Environmental Philosophy
Philosophy 2014 Witch Hunts
Philosophy 2217 Existentialism & Phenomenology
Philosophy 2311 Ancient Greek Philosophy
Philosophy 2330 Film & Contemporary Philosophy
Philosophy 2411 Logic
Philosophy 2413 Defence Against the Dark Arts
Philosophy 2511 Biomedical Ethics
Philosophy 2513 Business Ethics
Philosophy 2517 Soc & Political Philosophy
Philosophy 2611 Art and Philosophy
Philosophy 2614 Early Modern Philosophy
Philosophy 2715 Special Topics
Philosophy 2811 Asian Philosophy
Philosophy 2913 Philosophy & Science Fiction
Philosophy 3011 Death
Philosophy 3175 Epistemology
Philosophy 3218 Contemporary European Thought
Philosophy 3312 Philosophy of Law
Philosophy 3319 Philosophy of Love
Philosophy 3418 Social & Political Phil I
Philosophy 3419 Philosophy and Gender
Philosophy 3514 Cyberethics
Philosophy 3517 Social Justice
Philosophy 3615 Kant & the Nineteenth Century
Philosophy 3705 Special Topic
Philosophy 3712 Phil & Psychoanalytic Theory
Philosophy 3715 Special Topic
Philosophy 3813 Philosophy of Religion
Philosophy 4715 Special Topic
Philosophy 4811 Senior Seminar
Political Science 4111 Honours Thesis Preparation
Political Science 4112 Honours Thesis
Political Science 4113 The Politics of Incarceration
Religious Studies 1100 Intro World Religions
Religious Studies 2501 Introduction to The Bible
Religious Studies 2715 Special Topics
Religious Studies 3705 Special Topics
Religious Studies 3715 Special Topics
Religious Studies 3718 Anth of Magic and Religion
Religious Studies 4715 Special Topics
Spanish 1000 Introductory Spanish
Spanish 2001 Intermediate Spanish
Spanish 3001 Advanced Spanish
Spanish 3509 Seminar
Visual Arts 0510 Fundamentals of Art I
Visual Arts 1010 Introductory Painting
Visual Arts 1011 Special Topics Studio
Visual Arts 1015 Introduction to Digital Image
Visual Arts 1017 Fundamentals of Art
Visual Arts 1030 Introductory Sculpture
Visual Arts 1050 Introductory Ceramics
Visual Arts 1090 Prehistory to the Middle Ages
Visual Arts 1091 Renaissance to Contemporary
Visual Arts 1150 Introductory Drawing
Visual Arts 1170 Introduction to Figure Drawing
Visual Arts 2030 Introductory Printmaking
Visual Arts 2115 Graphic Design
Visual Arts 2310 Special Studies: Art History
Visual Arts 2315 Special Topics Studio
Visual Arts 2410 Computer Art I
Visual Arts 2430 Computer Art II
Visual Arts 3011 Advanced Sculpture Part 1
Visual Arts 3012 Advanced Sculpture 2
Visual Arts 3013 Advanced Drawing Part 1
Visual Arts 3014 Advanced Drawing Part 2
Visual Arts 3015 Advanced Painting Part 1
Visual Arts 3016 Advanced Painting Part 2
Visual Arts 3110 Advanced Ceramics Part 1
Visual Arts 3111 Advanced Ceramics Part 2
Visual Arts 3112 Advanced Printmaking Part 1
Visual Arts 3113 Advanced Printmaking Part 2
Visual Arts 3823 Special Topics Studio
Visual Arts 4010 Internship
Visual Arts 4011 Senior Sculpture Part 1
Visual Arts 4012 Senior Sculpture Part 2
Visual Arts 4013 Senior Drawing Part 1
Visual Arts 4014 Senior Drawing Part 2
Visual Arts 4015 Senior Painting Part 1
Visual Arts 4016 Senior Painting Part 2
Visual Arts 4017 Professional Practices in Art
Visual Arts 4018 Honours Exhibition
Visual Arts 4030 Special Topics Art History
Visual Arts 4110 Senior Ceramics Part 1
Visual Arts 4111 Senior Ceramics Part 2
Visual Arts 4112 Senior Printmaking Part 1
Visual Arts 4113 Senior Printmaking Part 2
Visual Arts 4213 Hist 20th & 21st Cent Cdn Art
Visual Arts 4250 Critical Theory & Art History
Women's Studies 1100 Women's and Gender Studies
Women's Studies 2011 Special Topics, Non-Core
Women's Studies 2035 Horror Films and Feminism
Women's Studies 2111 Special Topics
Women's Studies 2113 Popular Culture & Counter Cult
Women's Studies 2119 Indigenous Feminisms
Women's Studies 2711 Women's Act for Social Change
Women's Studies 2810 Gender, Sexuality & Body in Li
Women's Studies 3011 Special Topics, Non-Core
Women's Studies 3030 Theorizing Equality
Women's Studies 3053 Spc Topic Gender & Secuality
Women's Studies 3055 Global Reproductive Justice
Women's Studies 3111 Special Topics
Women's Studies 3214 Queer Studies
Women's Studies 3310 Sci Fic, Gender & Social Chang
Women's Studies 3355 Women, Crime, & Criminal Just
Women's Studies 3356 Feminist Engagement With Law
Women's Studies 3357 Law and Women's Lives
Women's Studies 3810 Spc Topics in Women's Writing
Women's Studies 3850 Queer Texts
Women's Studies 4010 Women, Gender & Social Justice
Women's Studies 4011 Special Topics, Non-Core
Women's Studies 4016 Hon Sem in Gender & Sexuality
Women's Studies 4110 Special Topics
Women's Studies 4113 Women & Legal Narratives
Women's Studies 4355 Mother Culture
Women's Studies 4901 Honours Thesis