Thunder Bay • Orillia

Type C: Engineering, Mathematical and Natural Sciences

Note: Concurrent Education students should contact the Faculty of Education for information on what courses count towards teaching subjects.

Anthropology 1032 Intro Bio Anth & Archaeology
Anthropology 2110 Biology of Human Variation
Anthropology 2112 Human Evolution
Anthropology 2118 Tracing Human Migrations
Anthropology 2137 Fundamentals of Archaeology I
Anthropology 2151 Ancient Peoples and Places
Anthropology 2173 Archaeology of N America
Anthropology 2811 Special Topic I
Anthropology 2813 Special Topic II
Anthropology 3010 Geoarchaeology
Anthropology 3011 Topics in Human Origins
Anthropology 3118 Scientific Appl Archaeology
Anthropology 3133 Environmental Archaeology
Anthropology 3136 Forensic Anthropology
Anthropology 3138 Intro DNA Molecular Methods
Anthropology 3139 Molecular Anthropology
Anthropology 3231 Historic Archaeology
Anthropology 3232 Archaeology of Europe
Anthropology 3234 Issues Consulting Archaeology
Anthropology 3235 Ceramic Analysis
Anthropology 3312 Medical Anthropology
Anthropology 3315 Archaeology of Boreal Forest
Anthropology 3455 Stable Isotopes Bioanthropolog
Anthropology 3671 Geography of Arctic Region
Anthropology 3715 Plagues and Peoples
Anthropology 3801 Archaeological Field School
Anthropology 3811 Special Topic I
Anthropology 3813 Special Topic II
Anthropology 3815 Special Topic I With Labor
Anthropology 3817 Special Topic II With Lab
Anthropology 4010 Current Issues in Anthropology
Anthropology 4011 Advanced Paleoanthropology
Anthropology 4114 Human Impacts on Environment
Anthropology 4219 Human Skeletal & Dental Biolog
Anthropology 4417 DNA in Forensic Science
Anthropology 4419 Ancient DNA
Anthropology 4430 Molecular Paleopathology
Anthropology 4450 Forensic & Archaeol Microscop
Anthropology 4503 Advanced Archaeology
Anthropology 4505 Adv Biological Anthro
Anthropology 4737 Material Culture
Anthropology 4811 Special Topic I
Anthropology 4813 Special Topic II
Anthropology 4901 Honours Thesis
Applied Bio-Molecular Science 3135 Molecular Genetics
Applied Bio-Molecular Science 3811 Research Project I
Applied Bio-Molecular Science 3813 Research Project II
Applied Bio-Molecular Science 4132 Biofilms
Applied Bio-Molecular Science 4650 Issues in Biotechnology
Applied Bio-Molecular Science 4710 Advanced Research Methodology
Applied Bio-Molecular Science 4811 Research Project I
Applied Bio-Molecular Science 4813 Research Project II
Bioinformatics 3711 Bioinformatics
Bioinformatics 4111 Research Seminars
Bioinformatics 4191 Spc Topics Biological Chem
Bioinformatics 4501 Senior Project
Bioinformatics 4901 Honours Thesis
Biology 1110 Animal Biology
Biology 1130 Plant Biology
Biology 2011 Human Musculoskel Anatomy
Biology 2012 Human Internal Anatomy
Biology 2030 Introductory Human Physiology
Biology 2035 Human Physiology Survey
Biology 2050 Tree Development and Function
Biology 2051 Flowering Plant Taxonomy
Biology 2070 Human Structure
Biology 2110 Forest Soils and Water I
Biology 2131 Regional Flowering Plants
Biology 2171 Genetics
Biology 2210 Introductory Ecology
Biology 2230 Cell Biology
Biology 2310 History of Biology
Biology 2711 Biology of Microorganisms
Biology 2713 Introduction to Microbiology
Biology 2910 Laboratory Biology
Biology 3010 Physiology of Exercise I
Biology 3011 Physiology of Exercise II
Biology 3012 Aboriginal Ethnobotany
Biology 3112 Biostatistics
Biology 3114 Plant Ecology I
Biology 3135 Molecular Genetics
Biology 3138 Intro DNA Molecular Methods
Biology 3139 Molecular Anthropology
Biology 3151 Biogeography
Biology 3212 Invertebrate Zoology
Biology 3213 Forest Pathology
Biology 3217 Forest Entomology
Biology 3219 The Evolution of Vertebrates
Biology 3232 Conservation Biology
Biology 3250 Comparative Animal Physiology
Biology 3251 Organ-System Oper & Regulation
Biology 3252 Biochemistry I
Biology 3253 Intracellular Comm & Coord
Biology 3272 Biochemistry II
Biology 3313 Ecol. Struc. in Northern Envir
Biology 3330 Molecular Bio of Development
Biology 3351 Plants and People
Biology 3450 Biology of the Fungi
Biology 3470 Biotechnology of Plants
Biology 3610 Environmental Biology
Biology 3671 Evolutionary Concepts
Biology 3711 Pathogenic Bacteriology
Biology 3770 Biology of Food Safety
Biology 3990 Research Internship I
Biology 3991 Research Internship II
Biology 4011 Fundamentals of Immunology
Biology 4101 Honours Thesis
Biology 4111 Parasitology
Biology 4113 Community Ecology
Biology 4115 Plant Ecology Disturbed Habit
Biology 4117 Advan in Contemporary Ecology
Biology 4132 Biofilms
Biology 4135 Synaptic Circuits
Biology 4211 Mammalogy
Biology 4212 Biology of Fishes
Biology 4230 Cancer Biology
Biology 4231 Ornithology
Biology 4252 Conservation Ecology
Biology 4372 Bioethics Issues Life Sciences
Biology 4430 Wetland Ecology
Biology 4435 Herpetology
Biology 4470 Global Change Biology
Biology 4512 Plant Propagation
Biology 4610 Biology Tutorial I
Biology 4630 Biology Tutorial II
Biology 4650 Issues in Biotechnology
Biology 4710 Limnology
Biology 4711 Applied & Environmental Micro
Biology 4751 Neurobiology I
Biology 4752 Neurobiology II
Biology 4770 Food Microbiology
Biology 4830 Endocrinology
Biology 4850 Neurochemistry
Biology 4855 Pharmacology
Business 1013 Business Computing
Business 1036 Quantitative Foundations
Business 1313 Business Productivity Software
Business 1336 Quantitative Analysis I
Business 2016 Operations Management I
Business 2033 Management Information Systems
Business 3016 Operations Management II
Business 3213 Systems Analysis and Design
Chemistry 1050 Foundations of Chemistry I
Chemistry 1070 Foundations of Chemistry II
Chemistry 1110 Introductory Chemistry I
Chemistry 1111 Introductory Chemistry I
Chemistry 1112 Fundamentals of Chemistry
Chemistry 1130 Introductory Chemistry II
Chemistry 1131 Introductory Chemistry II
Chemistry 1210 Organic& Biochem for Health Sc
Chemistry 2111 Analytical Chemistry I
Chemistry 2211 Organic Chemistry I
Chemistry 2231 Organic Chemistry II
Chemistry 2351 Inorganic Chemistry I
Chemistry 2411 Physical Chemistry I
Chemistry 2412 Physical Chemistry II
Chemistry 2610 Northern Environmental Chem
Chemistry 3131 Analytical Chemistry II
Chemistry 3210 Genes and Genomics
Chemistry 3231 Organic Chemistry III
Chemistry 3251 Biochemistry I
Chemistry 3271 Biochemistry II
Chemistry 3371 Inorganic Chemistry II
Chemistry 3431 Polymer Chemistry
Chemistry 3451 Physical Chemistry III
Chemistry 3711 Bioinformatics
Chemistry 4011 Environmental Geochemistry
Chemistry 4111 Research Seminars
Chemistry 4131 Special Topic
Chemistry 4191 Spc Topics Biological Chem
Chemistry 4210 Principles of Medicinal Chem
Chemistry 4211 Organic Chemistry IV
Chemistry 4212 Protein Biochemistry
Chemistry 4213 Molecular Imaging
Chemistry 4214 Carbohydrate Chemistry
Chemistry 4311 Inorganic Chemistry III
Chemistry 4411 Physical Chemistry IV
Chemistry 4412 Cyclotron Radiopharmaceutical
Chemistry 4455 Computational Quantum Chem
Chemistry 4515 Intro to Medical Imaging
Chemistry 4516 MRI Physics & Med Application
Chemistry 4571 Electroanalytical Chemistry
Chemistry 4710 Advanced Research Methodology
Chemistry 4901 Honours Thesis
Computer Science 0411 Elementary Computing
Computer Science 1411 Computer Programming I
Computer Science 1431 Computer Programming II
Computer Science 2412 Data Structures
Computer Science 2430 Mobile Computing Technology
Computer Science 2453 Intro Computer Architecture
Computer Science 2476 Intro Assembly Lang & Op Sys
Computer Science 2477 Object Oriented Programming
Computer Science 2990 Co-Op Work Term II
Computer Science 3213 Special Topics
Computer Science 3413 Data Base Management Systems
Computer Science 3415 Software Engineering
Computer Science 3473 Operating Systems
Computer Science 3990 Co-Op Work Term III
Computer Science 3992 Co-Op Work Term IV
Computer Science 4111 Clinical Decision Support
Computer Science 4112 Introduction to Data Science
Computer Science 4210 Special Topics
Computer Science 4310 Web Health Informatics
Computer Science 4311 Big Data
Computer Science 4312 Cloud Computing
Computer Science 4313 Program the Internet of Things
Computer Science 4411 Programming Languages
Computer Science 4413 Programming Lang Processors
Computer Science 4431 Advanced Project
Computer Science 4432 Adv Game Programming Project
Computer Science 4433 Algorithm Design and Analysis
Computer Science 4434 Adv Health Informatics Program
Computer Science 4451 Theory of Computing
Computer Science 4453 Computer Networks & Distribute
Computer Science 4471 Computer Graphics
Computer Science 4475 Topics Artificial Intelligence
Computer Science 4476 Cryptography Network Security
Computer Science 4478 Game Programming
Computer Science 4479 Directed Research in Comp Sci
Computer Science 4990 Co-Op Work Term V
Computer Science 4992 Co-Op Work Term VI
Criminology 1030 Introduction to Criminalistics
Criminology 2090 Criminological Research Method
Criminology 3030 Special Topics II
Criminology 3135 Death Investigation
Criminology 3136 Forensic Anthropology
Criminology 3350 Forensic Psychology
Criminology 3370 Cybercrime
Chemical Engineering 0334 Special Topics Chemical Engr
Chemical Engineering 0335 Air Pollution Control Methods
Chemical Engineering 0339 Process Optimization
Chemical Engineering 0631 Bioprocess Engineering
Chemical Engineering 0653 Fundamentals of Petroleum Reco
Chemical Engineering 0674 Design & Analysis of Exper
Chemical Engineering 0676 Mineral Processing
Chemical Engineering 1135 Intro Chemical Engr Calculatio
Chemical Engineering 1554 Unit Operations I
Chemical Engineering 2330 Applied Chemical Thermodynamic
Chemical Engineering 2331 Unit Operations II
Chemical Engineering 2555 Unit Operations Labratory
Chemical Engineering 3070 Material and Energy Balances
Chemical Engineering 3338 Mass Transfer Separations
Chemical Engineering 3434 Chemical Engr Thermodynamics
Chemical Engineering 3438 Lab Invest Mass Tr Separations
Chemical Engineering 4032 Materials Science
Chemical Engineering 4132 Plant Design Econ & Mgmt
Chemical Engineering 4150 Chemical Reactor Design
Chemical Engineering 4152 Process Control Fundamentals
Chemical Engineering 4231 Reactor Eng & Process Control
Chemical Engineering 4333 Process Control & Safety
Chemical Engineering 4432 Chemical Plant Design
Chemical Engineering 4969 Degree Project
Civil Engineering 0112 Comp Integrated Consuct Mgmt
Civil Engineering 0135 Bridge Engineering
Civil Engineering 0136 Environmental Control
Civil Engineering 0233 Structural Design Topics
Civil Engineering 0235 Water Res & Hydropower Develo
Civil Engineering 0336 Special Topics in Civil Eng
Civil Engineering 0510 Rock Engineering
Civil Engineering 0534 Construction Engineering
Civil Engineering 0553 Traffic Engineering
Civil Engineering 0572 Modeling in Water Resources
Civil Engineering 0637 Geotechnical Eng Topics
Civil Engineering 0638 Comp-Aid Structural Analysis&
Civil Engineering 0652 Timber and Masonry Design
Civil Engineering 1111 Dynamics I
Civil Engineering 1230 Statics
Civil Engineering 1233 Mechanics of Materials I
Civil Engineering 1235 Surveying
Civil Engineering 1533 Mechanics of Materials II
Civil Engineering 1630 Theory of Structures
Civil Engineering 1635 Fluid Mechanics
Civil Engineering 1733 Civil Engineering Drawing
Civil Engineering 2011 Steel & Reinforced Concrete
Civil Engineering 2012 Soil Mechanics
Civil Engineering 2135 Construction Practice
Civil Engineering 2138 Highway Design
Civil Engineering 2431 Water Supply & Waste Systems
Civil Engineering 2639 Construction Materials
Civil Engineering 2919 Technology Project
Civil Engineering 3056 Mechanics of Solids
Civil Engineering 3150 Principles of Soil Mechanics
Civil Engineering 3335 Structural Analysis
Civil Engineering 3433 Foundation Engineering
Civil Engineering 3435 Steel Structures
Civil Engineering 3452 Finite Element Methods
Civil Engineering 3738 Hydrology
Civil Engineering 4052 Open Channel Flow
Civil Engineering 4056 Environmental Control
Civil Engineering 4135 Reinforced Concrete Structures
Civil Engineering 4230 Civil Engineering Analysis
Civil Engineering 4969 Degree Project
Economics 3117 Mathematical Economics I
Economics 3131 Benefit-Cost Analysis/Project
Economics 4117 Mathematical Economics II
Electrical Engineering 0138 Control Systems III
Electrical Engineering 0150 Microwave Circuits and Design
Electrical Engineering 0438 Electric Power Systems II
Electrical Engineering 0531 Topics in Electrical Engineer
Electrical Engineering 0550 Optical Communications
Electrical Engineering 0554 Power Electronics II
Electrical Engineering 0557 Introduction to Robotics
Electrical Engineering 0559 Satellite Communications
Electrical Engineering 0573 Fuzzy Logic Expert Systems
Electrical Engineering 0578 Wireless Communications
Electrical Engineering 0651 Computer Organization
Electrical Engineering 0654 Advanced Electronic Devices
Electrical Engineering 1133 Intro to Engineering Design
Electrical Engineering 1232 Intro to Microcontrollers
Electrical Engineering 1236 Electric Circuit Theory I
Electrical Engineering 1252 Electrical Measurements & Meas
Electrical Engineering 1536 Electric Circuit Theory II
Electrical Engineering 1634 Electronics I
Electrical Engineering 1637 Computer Logic Circuits
Electrical Engineering 2132 Electronics II
Electrical Engineering 2133 Electronic Communications I
Electrical Engineering 2134 Electronics II
Electrical Engineering 2137 Engi Probability & Statistics
Electrical Engineering 2151 Electrical & Electronics Tech
Electrical Engineering 2258 Electric Machines I
Electrical Engineering 2430 Power Electronics I
Electrical Engineering 2438 Control Systems I
Electrical Engineering 2439 Electronic Communications II
Electrical Engineering 2451 Electric Power Systems I
Electrical Engineering 2453 Computer Comms & Networking
Electrical Engineering 2939 Technology Project
Electrical Engineering 3013 Circuit Theory & Design I
Electrical Engineering 3310 Circuit Analysis & Design I
Electrical Engineering 3311 Circuit Analysis & Design II
Electrical Engineering 3312 High-Performance Embedded Sys
Electrical Engineering 3313 Materials Science for Elec Eng
Electrical Engineering 3314 Control Systems
Electrical Engineering 3315 Circuit Theory and Design I
Electrical Engineering 3316 Circuit Theory and Design II
Electrical Engineering 3318 Electric Machines
Electrical Engineering 3334 Control Systems II
Electrical Engineering 3430 Computer Circuits Design
Electrical Engineering 4053 Communications Systems
Electrical Engineering 4054 Digital VLSI Circuit Design
Electrical Engineering 4133 Digital Communications
Electrical Engineering 4134 RF Circuits Design
Electrical Engineering 4136 Analog Integrated Circuits
Electrical Engineering 4137 Computer Networking
Electrical Engineering 4138 Power Systems
Electrical Engineering 4139 Power Electronics & Drives
Electrical Engineering 4258 Electric Machines II
Electrical Engineering 4632 Digital Signal Processing
Electrical Engineering 4969 Degree Project
Mechanical Engineering 0450 Finite Ele Meth in Mech Engr
Mechanical Engineering 0537 Manufacturing Processes & Prod
Mechanical Engineering 0538 Topics Mechanical Engr
Mechanical Engineering 0574 Industrial Noise & Vibration C
Mechanical Engineering 0575 Engr Design Synthesis & Analys
Mechanical Engineering 0579 Comp Methods in Mech Engr
Mechanical Engineering 0656 Analysis Composite Materials
Mechanical Engineering 0657 Energy Conversion Engineering
Mechanical Engineering 0659 Signal Proc Mechanical Syst
Mechanical Engineering 0670 Combustion and Emissions
Mechanical Engineering 1111 Dynamics I
Mechanical Engineering 1112 Intro to Engineering Design
Mechanical Engineering 1230 Statics
Mechanical Engineering 1233 Mechanics of Materials I
Mechanical Engineering 1533 Mechanics of Materials II
Mechanical Engineering 1552 Principles of Engr Mechanics
Mechanical Engineering 1553 Materials and Processes
Mechanical Engineering 1635 Fluid Mechanics
Mechanical Engineering 1731 Mechanical Engineering Drawing
Mechanical Engineering 2111 Dynamics II
Mechanical Engineering 2333 Machine Design
Mechanical Engineering 2434 Engi Measurement & Instrument
Mechanical Engineering 2518 Thermal Sciences
Mechanical Engineering 2651 Heating, Ventilating & Air Con
Mechanical Engineering 3055 Inter Mechanics of Materials
Mechanical Engineering 3337 Fluid Dynamics
Mechanical Engineering 3436 Engineering Thermodynamics
Mechanical Engineering 3451 Dynamics of Machines
Mechanical Engineering 3454 Applied Heat Transfer
Mechanical Engineering 3555 Mechanical Engr Laboratory
Mechanical Engineering 3559 Comp Methods & Model
Mechanical Engineering 3710 Engineering Physics
Mechanical Engineering 4130 Mechanical Engr Design I
Mechanical Engineering 4436 Mechanical Vibrations
Mechanical Engineering 4438 Mechanical Engr Design II
Mechanical Engineering 4969 Degree Project
Engineering 1110 Engineering Drawing
Engineering 2039 Paper Manufacture & Analysis
Engineering 2990 Work Term I
Engineering 3014 Engineering Chemistry
Engineering 3015 Engr Thermodynamics & Heat Tra
Engineering 3016 Engineering Mechanics
Engineering 3017 Electronics
Engineering 3021 Engineering Analysis A
Engineering 3022 Engineering Analysis B
Engineering 3336 Eng Econ & Project Mgmt
Engineering 3453 Heat Transfer Design
Engineering 3991 Work Term II
Engineering 4539 Professional Practice and Law
Engineering 4991 Work Term III
Engineering 4992 Work Term IV
Engineering 4993 Work Term V
Environmental Studies 1111 Planet Earth
Environmental Studies 1112 Planet Earth With Laboratory
Environmental Studies 1131 Crust of the Earth
Environmental Studies 1132 Crust of the Earth With Lab
Environmental Studies 1150 The Environment
Environmental Studies 1170 The Environment With Lab
Environmental Studies 2210 Introductory Ecology
Environmental Studies 2211 Forest Ecology and Silvics
Environmental Studies 2219 Geochemistry
Environmental Studies 2331 Climatology
Environmental Studies 2351 Geomorphology
Environmental Studies 2610 Northern Environmental Chem
Environmental Studies 2817 Sociology of the N
Environmental Studies 3094 Environ Sci Field Course I
Environmental Studies 3133 Environmental Archaeology
Environmental Studies 3311 Environmental Gemorphology
Environmental Studies 3312 Environmental Geology
Environmental Studies 3313 Ecological Struc in N Envi
Environmental Studies 3314 Introduction to Soil Science
Environmental Studies 3317 Fluvial Geomorphology
Environmental Studies 3331 Envir Iss: A Climat Approach
Environmental Studies 3410 Depositional Environments
Environmental Studies 3431 Energy and Sustainability
Environmental Studies 3471 Environmental Asses & Manageme
Environmental Studies 3610 Environmental Biology
Environmental Studies 3691 Landscapes
Environmental Studies 4011 Environmental Geochemistry
Environmental Studies 4114 Human Impacts on Environment
Environmental Studies 4115 Plant Ecology Disturbed Habit
Environmental Studies 4351 Global Climate Change
Environmental Studies 4411 Water Resources Management
Environmental Studies 4431 Conservation Geography
Environmental Studies 4451 Geography of Risk & Hazard
Environmental Studies 4470 Global Change Biology
Environmental Studies 4517 Society, Culture and Nature
Environmental Studies 4810 Environmental Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability 1033 Intro Environ Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability 1913 First Work Term
Environmental Sustainability 2033 Inquiry Environmental Methods
Environmental Sustainability 2913 Second Work Term
Environmental Sustainability 3013 Field School I
Environmental Sustainability 3033 Aquatic Res Plan & Manage
Environmental Sustainability 3053 Inquiry Environ Conservation
Environmental Sustainability 3073 Environmental Biotechnology
Environmental Sustainability 3810 Special Topics I
Environmental Sustainability 3913 Third Work Term
Environmental Sustainability 4013 Field School II
Environmental Sustainability 4033 Res in Environ Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability 4110 Freshwater Ecology
Environmental Sustainability 4111 Materials, Manufact and Waste
Environmental Sustainability 4810 Issues Enviro Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability 4830 Sp Topic in Environ Sustain II
Environmental Sustainability 4901 Honours Thesis in Env Sust
Environmental Sustainability 4913 Fourth Work Term
Software Engineering 0151 Large Scale Data Analytics
Software Engineering 0152 Agile Software Development
Software Engineering 0153 Natural Language Proccessing
Software Engineering 0154 Soft Construction & Evolution
Software Engineering 0155 Web Engineering
Software Engineering 0655 Special Topics in Software Eng
Software Engineering 2254 Data Management & Info Systems
Software Engineering 2570 Object Oriented Graph User Int
Software Engineering 2571 Comp Hardware & Software Syst
Software Engineering 2670 Software Engineering
Software Engineering 2918 Technical Project
Software Engineering 3050 Software Engineering Design
Software Engineering 3251 Compiler and Algorithum Design
Software Engineering 3255 Software Test & Qual Assurance
Software Engineering 3350 Performance Analysis Software
Software Engineering 3655 Principles Operating Systems
Software Engineering 3675 Database Systems
Software Engineering 4011 App Computational Intelligence
Software Engineering 4250 Software Safety and Security
Software Engineering 4557 Data & Digital Communications
Software Engineering 4559 Digital Signal & Image Process
Software Engineering 4969 Degree Project
Geoarchaeology 4101 Adv Readings in Geoarchaeology
Geography 1150 The Environment
Geography 1170 The Environment With Lab
Geography 2215 Earth Observation & Analysis
Geography 2232 Intro to Geomatics & GIS
Geography 2251 Inquiry & Interpretation
Geography 2271 Quantitative Methods in Geog
Geography 2331 Climatology
Geography 2351 Geomorphology
Geography 3251 Geographic Info Systems
Geography 3253 Cartography
Geography 3255 Geography Field Methods
Geography 3311 Environmental Geomorphology
Geography 3313 Introduction to Soil Science
Geography 3315 Glacial Systems
Geography 3317 Fluvial Geomorphology
Geography 3331 Environ Iss: A Climat Approa
Geography 3431 Energy and Sustainability
Geography 3471 Environmental Assessment&Mgmt
Geography 3611 Geography of the United States
Geography 3631 Geography of Canada
Geography 3633 Geography Lake Superior Basin
Geography 3691 Landscapes
Geography 4211 Adv GIS & Spatial Analysis
Geography 4231 Remote Sensing
Geography 4271 Field Studies
Geography 4291 Intl Field Study
Geography 4333 Advanced Glacial Geomorphology
Geography 4351 Global Climate Change
Geography 4411 Water Resources Management
Geography 4431 Conservation Geography
Geography 4451 Geography of Risk and Hazard
Geography 4771 Sustainable Communities
Geography 4811 Rural Geography
Geography 4831 Indigenous Geographies
Geology 1110 Planet Earth
Geology 1111 Planet Earth With Laboratory
Geology 1130 Crust of the Earth
Geology 1131 Crust of the Earth With Lab
Geology 2112 Principles of Geophysics
Geology 2210 Mineralogy
Geology 2213 Igneous Processes & Products
Geology 2214 Sediments & Sedimentary Rocks
Geology 2215 Igneous Processes With Lab
Geology 2217 Mineralogy With Laboratory
Geology 2219 Geochemistry
Geology 2310 Understanding Geology Thru Map
Geology 2318 Field Mapping
Geology 3015 Intro Geology for Engineers
Geology 3110 Earth & Life Through Time
Geology 3130 Glacial Systems
Geology 3217 Metamorphism
Geology 3310 Structural Geology & Tectonics
Geology 3311 Environmental Geology
Geology 3313 Introduction to Soil Science
Geology 3410 Depositional Environments
Geology 4011 Environmental Geochemistry
Geology 4015 Basic Scientific Methods Geol
Geology 4137 Groundwater
Geology 4161 Field School
Geology 4181 Tech & Res in Geology Thesis
Geology 4215 Advanced Igneous Petrology
Geology 4313 Geological Case Studies
Geology 4411 Mineral Deposits II
General Science 0261 Basic General Science
General Science 0310 Intro to Film Photography I
General Science 0330 Intro to Film Photography II
General Science 0350 Intro Digital Photography I
General Science 0370 Intro Digital Photography II
General Science 1000 Topics in Science
General Science 2010 Meteorology I
General Science 2310 Astronomy I
General Science 2330 Astronomy II
Indigenous Learning 2054 Indigenous Peoples & Nat Res
Interdisciplinary Studies 1010 Foundations of Inquiry
Interdisciplinary Studies 3010 Applications of Inquiry
Interdisciplinary Studies 4010 Honours Seminar
Interdisciplinary Studies 4030 Honours Research
Interdisciplinary Studies 4032 Hon Research in Criminology
Interdisciplinary Studies 4033 Hons Res Environ Sustain
Interdisciplinary Studies 4220 Honours Media Research Project
Interdisciplinary Studies 4260 Hons Research Creation Project
Kinesiology 2015 Introduction to Biomechanics
Kinesiology 2711 Qualitative Skill Analysis
Kinesiology 3030 Introductory Statistics
Kinesiology 3230 Research Processes
Kinesiology 4015 Quantitative Biomechanical Ana
Kinesiology 4035 Advanced Motor Control
Kinesiology 4179 Special Topics
Kinesiology 4220 Research Project
Kinesiology 4230 Inquiry Into Research
Kinesiology 4310 Ergonomics
Kinesiology 4713 Career Exploration
Mathematics 0210 Quantitative Methods Soc Scien
Mathematics 0212 Quantitative Methods Health Sc
Mathematics 1051 Functions and Trigonometry
Mathematics 1071 Vectors and Matrices
Mathematics 1077 Sequences and Series
Mathematics 1078 Elementary Calculus
Mathematics 1135 Math for NNEP Students I
Mathematics 1136 Math for NNEP Students I
Mathematics 1151 Calculus I Social & Life Sci
Mathematics 1152 Calculus II Social & Life Sci
Mathematics 1171 Calculus I
Mathematics 1172 Calculus II
Mathematics 1210 Calculus I for Engineers
Mathematics 1230 Calculus II for Engineers
Mathematics 1271 Discrete Mathematics
Mathematics 1272 Logic, Set Theory, & Proofs
Mathematics 2050 Applied Analysis I
Mathematics 2070 Applied Analysis II
Mathematics 2090 Matrix Methods & Diff Equation
Mathematics 2111 Differential Equations
Mathematics 2131 Vector Calculus
Mathematics 2232 Intro to Abstract Algebra
Mathematics 2234 Topics in Abstract Algebra
Mathematics 2255 Linear Algebra I
Mathematics 2275 Linear Algebra II
Mathematics 2310 Elementary Probability & Stats
Mathematics 2311 Elementary Stat Methods
Mathematics 3012 Vector Analysis
Mathematics 3032 Complex Functions and PDEs
Mathematics 3050 Numerical Analysis & Computing
Mathematics 3071 Discrete Math for Engineers
Mathematics 3111 Partial Differential Eq I
Mathematics 3113 Partial Differential Eq II
Mathematics 3131 Methods Math Physics I
Mathematics 3133 Methods Math Physics II
Mathematics 3171 Complex Analysis
Mathematics 3211 Special Topics I
Mathematics 3213 Special Topics II
Mathematics 3231 Introductory Analysis I
Mathematics 3233 Introductory Analysis II
Mathematics 3331 Linear Programming & Applicat
Mathematics 3332 Intro Math Probability
Mathematics 3333 Operations Research
Mathematics 3334 Intro Math Statistics
Mathematics 3351 Applied Numerical Methods
Mathematics 3355 Geometry of Curves & Surfaces
Mathematics 3356 Mathematical Problem Solving
Mathematics 3371 Computational Linear Aglebra &
Mathematics 3373 Combinatorics & Graph Theory
Mathematics 3375 Theory of Cryptology
Mathematics 4030 Probability & Statistics
Mathematics 4111 Measure Theory
Mathematics 4112 Intro Functional Analysis
Mathematics 4151 Advanced Calculus
Mathematics 4211 Reading and Research in Math
Mathematics 4213 Reading and Research in Math
Mathematics 4218 Point-Set Topology
Mathematics 4219 Intro Fourier Analysis
Mathematics 4301 Honours Seminar
Media Studies 3610 Web Design
Media Studies 3650 Sound Production & Post-Produc
Media Studies 4350 Fem Approach Media & Tech
Media Studies 4650 Special Topics in Media Prod
Media Studies 4801 Honours Media, Film, Comm Proj
Northern Studies 2610 Northern Environmental Chem
Northern Studies 2817 Sociology of the N
Natural Resources Management 1010 Canadian Forest Plant Species
Natural Resources Management 1011 Canadian Forest Plant Species
Natural Resources Management 1071 Business Principles in NRM
Natural Resources Management 1094 Field School
Natural Resources Management 1095 Canadian Forest Plant Species
Natural Resources Management 1110 Natural Resources Inventory I
Natural Resources Management 1330 Natural Resources Biometrics I
Natural Resources Management 1990 First Work Term
Natural Resources Management 2013 Intro to Population Ecology
Natural Resources Management 2050 Flowering Plant Taxonomy
Natural Resources Management 2054 Indigenous Peoples & Nat Res
Natural Resources Management 2055 Forest Disturbances
Natural Resources Management 2094 Field School
Natural Resources Management 2110 Forest Soils and Water I
Natural Resources Management 2150 Natural Res Biometrics II
Natural Resources Management 2210 Forest Ecology & Silvics
Natural Resources Management 2270 Photogrammetry/Remote Sensing
Natural Resources Management 2310 Intl Resources Mgmt
Natural Resources Management 2330 Silviculture I
Natural Resources Management 2350 GIS in Management Planning
Natural Resources Management 2370 Fire Ecology and Management
Natural Resources Management 2710 Natural Resource Sci A
Natural Resources Management 2711 Natural Resource Sci B
Natural Resources Management 2712 Natural Resource Sci C
Natural Resources Management 2713 Natural Resource Sci D
Natural Resources Management 2990 Second Work Term
Natural Resources Management 3051 Forest & Wildlife Genetics
Natural Resources Management 3094 Field School
Natural Resources Management 3116 Fish & Wildlife Fundamentals
Natural Resources Management 3135 Restoration Ecology
Natural Resources Management 3170 Forest Economics
Natural Resources Management 3178 Wood Science
Natural Resources Management 3211 Forest Operations
Natural Resources Management 3212 Decision Support Tools
Natural Resources Management 3213 Forest Pathology
Natural Resources Management 3214 Silviculture II
Natural Resources Management 3215 Forest Succession
Natural Resources Management 3217 Forest Entomology
Natural Resources Management 3218 Natural Res Inventory II
Natural Resources Management 3219 Habitat Planning
Natural Resources Management 3251 Renewable Energy Resources
Natural Resources Management 3350 Python/ArcPy Program Lang GIS
Natural Resources Management 3450 Biology of the Fungi
Natural Resources Management 3990 Third Work Term
Natural Resources Management 3992 Fourth Work Term
Natural Resources Management 4010 Thesis I
Natural Resources Management 4030 Thesis II
Natural Resources Management 4094 Field School
Natural Resources Management 4131 Selective Breed & Conservation
Natural Resources Management 4134 Forest Harvesting II
Natural Resources Management 4212 Management Planning I
Natural Resources Management 4213 Policy & Legislation Nat Res
Natural Resources Management 4214 Management Planning II
Natural Resources Management 4217 Remote Sensing Applications
Natural Resources Management 4218 Advanced Wood Science
Natural Resources Management 4230 Forest Harvesting III
Natural Resources Management 4239 Urban Forestry
Natural Resources Management 4250 Environmental Assessment
Natural Resources Management 4251 Fish and Wildlife Practice
Natural Resources Management 4252 Conservation Ecology
Natural Resources Management 4255 Advanced Forest Pathology
Natural Resources Management 4259 Advanced Studies in Foresty I
Natural Resources Management 4270 Advanced Studies in for II
Natural Resources Management 4271 Marketing of Forest Products
Natural Resources Management 4273 Property Test Forest/Wood Prod
Natural Resources Management 4274 Bio-products & the Economy
Natural Resources Management 4276 Portable Milling
Natural Resources Management 4330 Hardwood & Mixed Silviculture
Natural Resources Management 4419 Advanced GIS
Natural Resources Management 4459 Fore Hydrology & Watershed Mgm
Natural Resources Management 4990 Fourth Work Term
Natural Resources Management 4993 Optional Work Term
Physics 1010 Intr App Phys II (Electricit)
Physics 1030 Intro Appl Phys I (Mechanics)
Physics 1070 Semiconductor Physics
Physics 1113 Physics Essentials I
Physics 1133 Physics Essentials II
Physics 1211 Introductory Physics I
Physics 1212 Introductory Physics II
Physics 2030 Meteorology II
Physics 2111 Classical Mechanics I
Physics 2151 Thermodynamics
Physics 2211 Intermediate Electricity & Mag
Physics 2311 Introduction to Optics
Physics 2331 Modern Physics I
Physics 2332 Modern Physics II
Physics 2510 Intro to Medical Physics
Physics 2990 Co-Op Work Term I
Physics 3113 Quantum Mechanics I
Physics 3211 Electromagnetic Theory
Physics 3231 Introductory Electronics
Physics 3311 Fibre Optic Communications
Physics 3371 Condensed Matter Physics
Physics 3511 Biological Physics
Physics 4113 Classical Mechanics II
Physics 4115 Quantum Mechanics II
Physics 4171 Statistical Mechanics & Therma
Physics 4211 Electromagnetics
Physics 4277 Relativity
Physics 4351 Nuclear Physics
Physics 4411 Adv Experimental Physics I
Physics 4412 Adv Experimental Physics II
Physics 4501 Res Topic Studs Physics
Physics 4611 Topics in Physics
Psychology 1100 Introductory Psychology
Psychology 2003 Intro Cognitive Psychology
Psychology 2101 Stat Methods Behaviour Researc
Psychology 2401 Found Behavioural Neuroscience
Psychology 2451 Evolutionary Psychology
Psychology 2511 Learning
Psychology 2801 Social Psychology
Psychology 2917 Research Opportunity I
Psychology 2937 Research Opportunity II
Psychology 3111 Mind, Morality, and the Law
Psychology 3131 Psychology of Aging
Psychology 3161 Sensory Neurosci & Perceptual
Psychology 3201 Intro Psychometric Theory
Psychology 3401 Behaviour and Drugs
Psychology 3511 Animal Behaviour
Psychology 3811 Special Topics in Psychology
Psychology 3815 Directed Reading
Psychology 3911 Intro Res Processes
Psychology 4111 Adv Statistics Behavioural Res
Psychology 4511 Human Memory
Psychology 4531 Emotion and Motivation
Psychology 4611 History of Psychology
Psychology 4711 Neuropsychological Dysfunction
Psychology 4811 Special Topics in Psychology
Psychology 4901 Honours Thesis
Sociology 2817 Sociology of the N
Sociology 4517 Society, Culture and Nature
Water Resource Science 1094 Field School
Water Resource Science 3094 Environ Sci Field Course I
Water Resource Science 4101 Honours Thesis
Water Resource Science 4630 Seminar